Week 1:) Part 3:)


The last of the BAMM trilogy (aren’t you guys sad? i noe u are:)


finally started rigging (out of the tracing stage alr!:)

we finally opened our tent door and decided to socialise with DUCKVADERS becuz for some ducky reason the aircon wasn’t that cold anymore or maybe we got used to it alr cuz we got thick skins and developed a resistance to it

i got so tired of using the screen and my shoulder was so stiff that i decided to adopt a super unglam sitting position and using my left hand (ms elaine thought i went bonkers and was like:are u okay? come i find a better position for you:) but then her kindness didn’t last too long before she said i look too unglam and aunty for a 14 y.o and was like judging me

sw and bel got bored during lunchtime so we did a high note battle and sw ended up cracking (shhh! sw doesn’t noe i am writing this HAHAHAHAHAHA!

btw, we got ‘scolded’ at the end of day briefing bcuz we were polluting the world with our singing(feels guilty disturbing others:)

sw and bel went crazy trying to sing along with seventeen’s manse but failed cuz the romanisation wouldn’t load( gather all seventeen stans:)

actually, thurs was a quite uneventful day so we shall say gdbye to it then



HAHAHAHAHA it’s the last day of week 1! congrats we all survived to see the sun set at 6:)

friday was the nicest day of the week TGIF!!!!! in the morning it was just like any other day just that we were a little more hyper bcuz our ambassador was coming in the aftnoon and we wanted to see someone that belonged to the outside world:)

MR K BOUGHT US HAPPY ROLLIES ICECREAM! sorry for the caps just too excited

🙂 actually we were contemplating if we shld get it and when we actually did want to the flavours tat we wanted were sold out:(((i ended up eating caramel biscuit with banana and maple syrup:) bel didn’t want:( BTW, THANK U MR K FOR TREATING US TO SO MUCH NICE FOOD, WE REALLY LIKE U AS A CHAPERONE TEACHER:) the caps are meant to express our love and thanks:) (hahaha, mr chan u better be as nice as mr k)

our ambassador Karen Ashley Ng (@renzze) came in the afternoon to talk to us and tried to form friendship yo (although it was a little awkward, we’re cool)

we had to take individual shots which was like so awkward( i hate single shots:() Karen asked us what superpower we would want we were like in deep thought ( eventually i said world happiness, bel said she wanted to breathe underwater, marilyn prob wanted every power in the world while sw wanted singing power)

oh yeah, our seniors MOMENTO MORI came to visit ms elaine and also their little juniors

okay we went crazy in our tent and we did lunges from the front to back and now our thighs still hurt:(

we were happy that we survived the 1st week and we are gonna push more for the next 2 weeks so wish us luck:)


meagan off to play and do weird stuff again, ciao!:)

luv ya guys:)

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