hello everybody!!
this isnt meagan typing, its annabel! this doesnt really happen often, but ive got free time so here i am typing!

what interesting things have happened so far? i guess marilyn cmg back is one, and the christmas decorations have gone up in our tent yaaaaaah ❤ but what we, maybe just shu wen and i, have been waiting for is finally coming!! tomorrow is the long awaited MAMA 2015 and we’re so hyped for it, provided we dont ot tomorrow and miss exo/seventeen live performances 😥 or how about the digital single collab between woozi, coups, vernon and ailee / lay’s movie on the 4th? aaand the most important exo’s comeback and release of their christmas album on the 10th! so pumped 🙂

im sure marilyn or meagan will update the blog soon to let yall know what we’ve been up to- bUT since im here, i wont give much spoile- aLSO IVE BEEN TRYING TO DOWNLOAD BTS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE PT 2 and its finally downloading!!!!!!!!!!!! although the wait for exo’s winter album is so painfully long :((

this blog post isnt rlly nemation related i guess… but i have to spaz some where right? and where else but on this blog where perhaps we’ll find more exo l or seventeen stans ;-;

but on a more serious note (and saying this as group leader), we really really want to reach out to more of yall and get to know you guys! while working our butts off at this competition is impt, so is getting to know everyone who has and is supporting us better! so we would love it if you dropped a comment on our blog, instagram, twitter etc. so we can interact with you guys more!! i mean, just watching us upload photo after photo of weird things cant be all that fun right?

yah, i strongly believe marilyn has to update the blog? i can even see her whatsapping about it!

that’s all from me today, the terribly childish but oldest member and leader of the group!! thanks for taking the time to read this, and dont forget.. WATCH  MAMA 2015 LIVE STREAM

love love, bels !

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