Chapter 7: we are all mad here [SPATIUM]

hellloooo guysss!!

It is day 7 and we are 700% cRaZyY (as you can probably tell by reading on, we a.k.a. Su and Chun sound sort of high)

Bright and early this morning we came into the studio and got ready to start work, we were very eager for yet another long and tiring day of failure and exhaustion but thank the stars, our stylish and totally rad teacher mr chan (with fabulous spiky hair), bought us breakfast from McDonalds!! (Mr chan ur hair looks great today) Β Ahhh nothing like a Chicken McMuffin with Egg and orange juice(su) to start u off on a wonderful emotionally draining day. (hOORAY)



Heres a picture to show u how engrossed we were in eating that we forgot to take pic and we realised it halfway so we took it halfway we are totally the best.

Heres a picture to show u how engrossed we were in eating that we forgot to take pic and we realised it halfway so we took it halfway we are totally the best.

All of us are doing our final lineart today, which is great: NO MORE ROUGH ANIMATION!!!!!! The final lineart is still tiring though, because it is final, it needs to be PERFECT, hence we still need to ‘re-do’ and made some changes sometimes. Also, if you are privileged and blessed enough to know us in real life (hohoho bow down peasants), kindly do not mention any of the following words, stated or implied: REDRAW, DOESN’T MATCH, NO SUSHI, VERY SHAKY EH, TOOMBOOM, WACOM, ( tAG YOUR TRIGGER WARNINGS. PLEASE.)

In the afternoon, we got a visit from last year’s winners, Millennium Dragons!!! (along with ΒΎ of our group’s art club senior, KAY!) They brought us Hi-chew which is great!! πŸ™‚ The Millennium Dragons are really nice and talked to us about our puzzle for a while. Apparently, Mr Nik was their instructor too!! (which led me a.k.a. chun to wonder if Mr Nik got St Nicholas teams because his name is Nicholas, a theory which Mr Nik denied and claimed that he got us by chance)

Some people from the Straits’ Times came today and interviewed all the groups, we shared our story, our journey and how we are bringing our story to life with the journalist(?) The journalist is really nice( and her shoes were really cool) and the interview was not as stressful as I had imagined. She was very tolerant of our lameness!! We told her (more like confusingly rambled) about our team name, Shia Labeouf, language fraud, and a short summary of our story idea and much much more that we forgot because our brains(or what is left of them) aren’t really in functioning states. Thank you for interviewing us<3

group photo with the journalist!!!

group photo with the journalist!!!

(just to clarify, the following paragraph is written by su)
And hey guys guess!who!got!her!glasses!!!!today! Again, anyone who is blessed enough to know me in real life will know that i am blind-er than a bat with myopia. And to top it off i don’t have glasses to wear, and my degree is probably as high as the PSI on 14 September 2015. So normally i squint really hard to see stuff in the distance and the like BUT OUR KIND SOUL OF AN INSTRUCTOR MR NIK HEARD ABOUT MY CONDITION AND HE BROUGHT HIS SPARE/OLD SPECS FOR ME TODAY OMGGGGG guys guys it was amazing okay the world came in that much sharper of a view AND IT WENT FROM 360P TO 1080P OMF also today i found out that we actually had wires above the ceiling made of railings!! I couldn’t see them before lol IT WAS SO COOL GUYS AND I COULD SEE BETTER TO DRAW FRAMES!! thank you mr nikπŸ˜†

Su also made herself a Sarong with her blanket which I have no words for. (-chun)Β LIKE GUYS its life at the northpole its freezing in the production area so being the creative genius that i am, i made a sarong for myself using my blanket! Its sooo comfy its like silk and fur enclosing your cold and poor legs and to best it off, its totally a bold and confident fashion statement that will turn heads, and is soon to become a popular and closely followed trend :)))))))))) YAY FOR FLUFFY NICE WARM BLANKET SARONG

Su thinks that she looks good in her sarong thing

Su thinks that she looks good in her sarong thing

So for some random reason, Deng went to write on a piece of paper ‘Only chiobus can enter (not that we are lol)’ or something like that and pasted on the curtain closing the tent. Since we still let Mr Nik in, he is officially a ‘chiobu’ πŸ˜›

We got a lot of food from other teams today. We got chocolates from ASDFG, a packet of seaweed from Cedar3 (THAT DENG FINISHED ALMOST ALL BY HERSELF[CRIES] SO CHUN KINDLY BOUGHT THE TEAM ANOTHER PACKET BUT THAT TOO WAS RAVAGED BY DENG -su) and Hi-Chew from 2 separate SN groups of different NEmation seasons πŸ˜›

BONUS: zombie!Su chained to her laptop by Chun's headphones

BONUS: zombie!Su chained to her laptop by Chun’s headphones

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. Thank you Mr Chan for visiting us and buying us Macs breakfast!! πŸ™‚
2. We are grateful that Millennium Dragons took time to come back and visit us and for giving us sweets!
3. Thank you Cedar3 for allowing us to crash at their tent when we are taking breaks and coming to visit us!! ❀
4. A BIG THANK YOU to all the groups who gave us food!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
5. Thank you Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for the feedback and advice and putting up with our craziness and noise hehehe

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