Week 2:)

hey guys:0

sorry i didn’t post yst cuz we OTed a little:) i’ll make up w/ a long post (forgive me:0 i noe u will:)


WOOHOO! Week 2 of production has started and MARILYN CHOONG IS FINALLY BACK! (so excited the caps appear, oops:0) okay so as reported in the previous posts, Ms Choong was enjoying life in idk where in Europe and finally decided to sit her butt on the chair in our ‘home’ and start animation:)

me super eggcited because she’s taking over my scene HAHAHAHAHA! but seriously i alr did the bg so there’s still a sense of sadness yanno:( SHOCKING NEWS: Marilyn has done more animating in 1 day than all 3 of us hv done in the last week:0 no lah it’s cuz we were busy laying the foundation for Marilyn kay! Anyways, Marilyn caught up really fast so we are quite cool w/ time and still not pulling our precious hair out ( ohya, Mari’s hair grew too much for her to take care of so it looks funny, no offence:)

as usual, sw and bel still in their own little world while the two Ms are just crazy 2gether 2! we had a gunfight w/ DUCKVADERS and apparently Mr Nick shot a ball and lost it in our tent (guess where we found it? in Kerriane’s pocket lol!)

haha! i learnt ‘masking’ yst and it’s prob the easiest technique ( it means that i’m IT stupid yo) i practiced last nite and ended up not saving 😦

lol! we played a prank on Mari when she first came by telling her we didn’t do anything much and that she had to OT till 9! HAHAHAHA! she fell for it but we felt bad so Ms Elaine let her go on time:)

Bel’s and my parents came at 7 plus so we just hoboed at the audi (so sad:()



MR CHAN BOUGHT MACS FOR US! ( expressing our thks and love through caps again, sorry!:) funny thing: macs at NYP was closed so Mr Chan had to carry like idk how many packs of macs into the mrt from his home HAHAHA! but we really appreciated it:) bel only drank orange juice cuz hashbrowns are unhealthy (ended up snacking though lol!)


i took like hours to get me character moving for 1 sec ( idk where this patience really came from?!) sw’s stuff kept disappearing and she kept screaming (so sad but can’t do anything other than tell her to save:)

I FINALLY RECEIVED A COMPLIMENT! Ms Elaine said she was so proud till she found a mistake and retracted her pride (cries cries)

Me super proud of our grp though:) ( this sentence deserves 1 line by itself:)

ST IN came for an interview and it was fun talking to ppl from the outside world again:)

took embarrassing pics( 3 embarrassing secs of our lives:0)

ohya, had so much fun decorating our tent with xmas deco that bel brought:0 (here’s the season to be jolly:)

we think we got a mascot : those mini snowman that can stand and are superduper cute (can be found on our insta cuz Mari spams our insta w/ its pic)

Anyways, proud of BAMM for lasting till week 2 and applause for Ms Elaine for putting up with us for so long:0

Jiayou to the other grps:)


That’s all folks:)

Meagan is tired:)


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