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We are back to update you on the happenings last week!! 😀 So before the first day of production, all we thought of was what to bring for food (cos everyone loves eating -inserts a rainbow emoticon-) and what to bring to make our tent more interesting (this was largely due to the fact that our seniors brought an inflatable pool last year) but we decided on soft toys (yepp soft toys! ._. all the Cedarians somehow brought soft toys even without any discussion (has this become a tradition for Cedarians? idek man) Anddd the instructors (Mr Xavier basically) found fun in placing the soft toys in the weirdest of places… (Gwyneth: I’d be amazed if I didn’t come back to see my duck plushie away from me…)


Like hanging it up there…


And in the fridge (which our seniors commented was Refridge-RATED) < our seniors are so punnyyy. Gwyneth’s probably still crying over her poor cold duck >_> Spatium says they’re peking ducks, don’t ask us why though~!


And due to our love for these adorable creatures, we just had to bring more soft toys. So, our leader brought some… cats? which kinda look like marshmallows but u can decide which it looks like more VV


These look so cutee right… Our leader made it with socks (Don’t worry! It’s new so it doesn’t stink up the place!)


And this above is a mini (and intentionally poor) doodle we did of the marshmallow-like cat

After our instructor, Ms Beverly, looked at all the plushies we brought, she kinda got encouraged to bring her own ones too so…


She brought really cute tsum tsums with hats!! We somehow think she those hats are handmade because well who doesn’t like “dressing up” your soft toys 😀 (Well okay, maybe it’s just Gwyneth…)


Okay, so let’s go on to talk about really sentimental stuff. Our CCA teachers came to visit! (10/12 of the Cedarians in N.E.Mation are from Infocomm Club) and they brought cakes for us!! They’re so sweet right? Replenishes our energy 😀 Like everyone is happy when food comes, so yep! We all stopped work to take pics with them (though they left quite after a little while since they did not want to disturb us doing our work, but not before repeatedly reminding us to not forget to eat the cake they brought), which we agreed to eat at 3.38 p.m. (AUSPICIOUS TIME TO EAT CAKE!!!!)


All of us with our teachers, Ms Begam and Mr Lee


And did you know… Wei Ting (one of the interns) was from Cedar Infocomm too? She was also a member of Team HigherThanYou who got into Top 10 in N.E.Mation 9!


And for some reason… we decided to eat our cakes at 3.38p.m. cos it’s apparently an auspicious time? Well yeah, I don’t get the logic behind this though~


And this photo was taken cos our Instagram uploader kind of insisted on taking one?


And yes! We had to take a picture of our mouth-watering cakes! YAY 😀


Next, for our lunch we were given KouFu vouchers (like quite a lottttttt). We even asked our parents if they were willing to trade that for real cash but of course, we were rejected… (Actually only Wendalyna but anyways) and due to KouFu being really packed 99% of the time, we decided to takeaway but was too worried that the food will stink up the place, and the house rules stated that we will be on trash duty if we stink up the place and none of us wanted to do trash duty… so we ate outside with lots of passersby watching us eat, but when Mr Ellery passed by, he told us it was alright to eat inside…… And both our juniors and seniors brought their lunches in to eat…
And ‘cause Cedar Spirit 101, we even had lunch together!! (with a few invaders)

IMG_8170 lunch circle 151127

Cedarians (+ Spatium) lunching and bonding together


Friday’s Lunch 😀

Oh, and actually, they provided us with a lottttttt of drinks and snacks. It was like a whole fridge of packet drinks (as seen in the duck picture above) and there were even hot beverages (i.e. Coffee, Tea, Milo) if we felt cold (well, of course we did in the freezing NYP lounge identical to North Pole) 


The above is a picture of the drinks taken from outside the NYP lounge by a jealous NYP student (She’s actually the sister of one of our members)

This first week has definitely been fun 😀 Loads of random moments going on but hey, that’s what makes things interesting ~ Of course more will be coming up as we move into the second week of production! Look forward to our next post~


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