Week 2 :) Part 2:)

yops! BAMM update time again:)

3rd day of week 2:) 7 more days to go:)


We are all officially all into animation (finally aft like idk how many donkey years:0) we work day and nite for 9 hrs for……….5 secs of the clip…so anticlimax rite:( i officially salute all the ppl who work in this field ( claps and bows…) question: how do you ah-ma-zing ppl actually last long enough to actually make clips that are hrs long? (maybe that’s also y animation cartoons aren’t always that long….oops, i apologise)

mari spent the whole day working on a girl (cues tears….and then gulps down bottled water)

i am finally done with the 1st part of my scene (so HAPPY I CAN CRY, but on another thought i was quite void of all feelings since week 2 started:)

Ms Elaine was proud…………till she found stuff to redo:(

bel actually worked really efficiently today (cuz MAMA 2015 starts at 7 so gotta leave on time ya know:)

sw has like layers and layers of things to animate i feel sad for her:0 (25 layers to be exact)

MR THAM CAME WITH RITZ STRUDELS AND ECLAIRS! (again, caps to express our thks and love to Mr K, Mr Chan and Mr Tham:)( feels weird but YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!:)

hope we can bring you guys to USA:0 btw, Mr Tham is trying to kill us with overdose on sugar with the bags of sweets that he bought for us:0

Mari and I had fun writing all the Top 10 grp names on the doors but ended up writing lots wrongly:) (sincerely apologises to those grp, forgive me?)

anyways the day ended without much drama and we all are excited for MAMA:0

(own thought: rv and gg are the best)

(for sw,bel and mari: exo went home w/ lots of awards too)


That’s all folks:0

Meagan off to play:)

TTYL and lots of hugs and kisses:0

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