Chapter 9: insanity [SPATIUM]

hellooooo friends

it is the second last day of week 2 and we are utterly insane

(also this blog post will probably be really short because I am really really tired, we just finished OT)

Today was not very productive for most of us (Yi Zee is very fast as usual). Drawing on toomboom frame by frame honestly made us want to explode. It was tough and tedious and we often have to redraw.

Ms Kaching gave us Ferrero Rocher chocolates today, we also learnt that she has similar taste in music as Su which was interesting and got Su really excited. We miss Ms Kaching very much, and we really want her to come back to our tent. However, she says that it is very unlikely for her to come back and she will be staying in ZLS’s tent. Mr Nik has his ‘base’ in Vaders’ tent, while Ms Kaching has her ‘base’ in ZLS’s tent, we are so alone in this world.

Duck Vaders, our tent neighbour, started their stop motion today, so all the lights were off on our side. We have officially become the ‘Dark Side’ (yay) It was exciting, working in the dark for like the first 2 hours, but afterwards, my eyes are super sore and the darkness wasn’t so fun anymore 😦

My (Chun here πŸ™‚ ) laptop/idk what it is started lagging/glitching and like the computer randomly clicks weird buttons, randomly undo and redo things and draw random lines for me. This made me super scared and I was saving every 5 minutes and ended up saving after every stroke in fear of losing my work. This is how paranoid I am. Deng thinks that it is because I spilled water yesterday and spoiled my computer (actually maybe it’s karma) while Mr Nik thinks that the tablet is at fault. Well, we will never actually know, but for now we can only pray for me and my work 😦

I finally remembered to bring the redbull which I bought for Deng today. Deng planned to drink all 6 cans, but was stopped by Mr Chan and Mr Nik. Mr Nik confiscated 4 cans of redbull and till now we still have no idea where it went.

This whole day, groaning, crying, crazy laughter, singing and general complaining among other noises can be heard coming from our tent. We have sunk deeper and deeper into insanity and there is no hope left for us. 😦

Rest in Pieces, Spatium.

joke haha but we are sort of dead and crazy anyway

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. I know that we should say this like everyday and I say it too little but THANK YOU WEI TING for helping us unpack the milo and arrange the food and offering us help whenever we need it ❀
2. Thank you Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for putting up with our craziness and noise and complaining and being annoying and difficult in general. Also thank you Ms Kaching for the chocolates πŸ˜€
3. We are grateful for Cedar3 who is always there to offer us much needed encouragement and support and letting us in their lunch circle (yayyy) ❀ ❀
4. Thank you Mr Chan for visiting us todayy πŸ˜€
5. Thank you team from NE9 who came and gave us Oreos πŸ™‚ We didn’t really see you guys and thus didn’t know who you guys were 😦 but thanksss πŸ˜€

Also, our ambassador Sarah wrote a blog post about us on her blog!! Read it here. πŸ˜€ It is a really interesting blog post which is very fun to read. I mean it is soooooo much better and more entertaining than reading my boring words so go cHECK IT OUT!!

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