DV : The End, and The Beginning

” A day isn’t complete without your daily dose of blog post. ”
– Duck Vaders, 2k15


Aloha, amigos! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ (is that even the same language. s’okay it’s the thought that counts after all.)


A lot has been happening around here lately, and since we don’t want you guys to miss out (obviously), we’ll try to upload more frequently! 😊😊


Firstly, we have finished paper cutting. Moment of silence to acknowledge it and give thanks.


Moment over.




Of course, after paper cutting comes stop motion animation, so we’re excited to start on that soon! πŸ˜™


Besides that, lately, we have been bringing Nerf guns to production and having Nerf wars! A lot of darts were lost in the process, and there was this one time I lost a ball and spent 20 mins trying to find it only for Kerr to realize it was in her pocket the whole time (zzz πŸ˜‘), but it’s a fun way to destress (and irritate your fellow teammates and friends πŸ˜‡). Phew, long sentence. Either way, Nerf guns are fun, and Nerf wars are funner. Yes, I invented a new word there. We went a little crazy that day with our Nerf guns (click the link and you’ll understand).

The Hostage: A Video about Survival. And Nerf Wars.


We also have a special mention in today’s blog post! Wei Ting (again.) !! She bought Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Madness Mix for us (what a mouthful. bet you can’t say that 5 times fast)! WEI TING THANK YOU πŸ™‚ 😘😘😊😚 she is the best intern ever. Not that we’ve actually been around many interns to make a comparison, but that’s not the point. She’s so sweet and nice and someone must remind us to buy something for her after production.



The anticipation.

The anticipation.



Look at that beauty. #yourgoals #mygoals #enoughhashtagging

Look at that beauty. #yourgoals #mygoals #enoughhashtagging


Okay, story time. Since Wei Ting bought the mix for us, we decided to be good people and not let it go to waste, so we took one packet each for ourselves. It comes with 2 packets: one with the mix, one with the MARSHMALLOWS 😍 ( !!! ) ! The mix was added and the Marshmallow Opening Ceremony was officiated (yes that’s a real thing). As we stood there enjoying the 92 marshmallows given, Sarah comes up to us and says : ” You guys should eat it with Tim Tam! ” And so now a Tim Tam + Hot Choco party has been arranged for next Wednesday. Go Google it if you haven’t heard of this sorcery.


We had to OT that day (overtime) and cos of that, we made many new friends! Now, frankly speaking, the Duck Vaders clan are an unfriendly and antisocial bunch, so socialising is not our forte. 😢 But we made friends! Actual human beings that breathe! Rockin Tomatoes and ASDFG, hello πŸ‘‹πŸ»!



After paper cutting comes the Ultimate Vaccuum Festival, where we clean out our whole tent! Meagan volunteered to be our vaccuum-er (new word #2), so of course we would not let such an opportunity go to waste 😌😌 !


Thanks ah, Meagan

Thanks ah, Meagan!



Well, that wraps up today’s blog post. Tune in for tomorrow’s (i.e. thursday’s cos I just don’t have time to write and upload on the same day woops) post to find out how stop motion animation went! πŸ˜‡β˜ΊοΈ

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We’ll see you in the next blog post! Adios!

– Duck Vaders Β #NE10C05

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