Chapter 10: energy? what is that? [SPATIUM]

hello friends

we have completed day 10 of production! woooo!! ← can you sense the lack of energy, yep we can too. this is what happens when you have no energy left, like us right now. We sincerely apologise for the lack of energy and excitement present in this blog post. Trust us, it is really hard to fake excitement when you are 1000% dead inside.

can you spot deng? we are all dying (piece by piece) :'-(

can you spot deng? we are all dying (piece by piece) :’-(

Day 10 marks the end of week 2 of production! Well, sort of, we are still going back for an extra day tomorrow to catch up on some work. (hooorayyyy we cannot wait to have an extra day of freezing air-con in the chilling comfort of our dark and gloomy tent yay)

Its actually nice working in the dark tent, but its not nice when u have to //work//. Some of us (aka everyone on the team except yizee or issit just suokayithinkitsjustsu) are really really behind time and sad to sag we only have one week left. AS MENTIONED IN THE PREVIOUS POSTS one week is not alot;_;. So let’s try our best tomorrow!!


Mr Tham and Mr Chan both came to visit us today. Mr Tham bought us Gong Cha although it took him 2 hours to buy it, we are really grateful for him. Mr Chan came by soon after Mr Tham left. He bought us a box of candy canes which we shared among the top 10 teams and the instructors. Mr Chan also offered to take us out to Foogle for ice cream, but sadly, only Chun and Yi Zee went, along with Shu Wen and Meagan from BAMM. Ice cream rolls are great

suspicious middle aged man with a suspicious bag spotted outside NYP lounge. Apparently, it is Mr Otto Tham's evil twin, Mr Toto Tham!

suspicious middle aged man with a suspicious bag spotted outside NYP lounge. Apparently, it is Mr Otto Tham’s evil twin, Mr Toto Tham!

Gong Cha from Mr Tham!! :)

Gong Cha from Mr Tham!! πŸ™‚ 1

Ice cream rolls from Mr Chan :D

Ice cream rolls from Mr Chan πŸ˜€

Ms Kaching also bought us some packet drinks so that we don’t have to ‘fight’ the other groups for the remaining packet drinks in the fridge. πŸ™‚

Oh and guys theres open house on Monday!! Where you can (Sadly, you actually can’t unless we invited you, hey why don’t you leave a comment asking for an invitation, we will consider inviting you!! :P) come and visit us to witness our process of dying and passing into (nope not that) the afterlife. Important figures will be coming on that day, so we must be on our best behaviour!!

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. Thank you Mr Tham and Mr Chan for visiting us and for the food!! πŸ™‚
2. Thank you Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for putting up with our constant pestering and just being noisy and annoying in general. Also thanks Ms Kaching for the drinks πŸ˜€
3. Thank you Cedar3 for visiting us and encouraging us and being friendly and awesome!! ❀
4. Thank you Ying Ying from ASDFG for lending Su money for me (Chun) to take away food from KouFu and for waiting for the food and going up with me after buying food πŸ™‚
5. Thank you BAMM and Vaders for randomly coming in and paging for Mr Nik although he is never here (vaders only for the latter)
6. We are really grateful for everyone from all the top 10 teams along with all the instructors and Wei Ting for making the two weeks of agonising brain frying bearable and kind of fun πŸ™‚

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