DV : Who knew it took so long?

Hey guys! A blog post a day keeps the doctor away! (doesn’t even make sense woops)
We started stop motion animation today. I’m telling ya, it’s a lot more difficult than it looks! Just to animate 2 seconds of the video took roughly about, oh maybe around 2 hours.
TWO hours. Woah. 😶😳
But it’s all part of putting the video together! (says chris, in an attempt to make the best out of every situation. 😇 )
We had to fillm a real live video of us doing the action the animations are doing so we can match it during stopmotion. And so with excited spirits we walked into the filming room, ready to knock ’em dead. Lo and behold, the sight before our very eyes left us horrified. 😱😱😱😱
oh shoot.

oh shoot.

THE BEAR DIED 😨😨😨 We ( actually only Christabelle ) immediately rushed to its side to perform CPR. It was too scary! My heart skipped a beat for a moment. All it needed was a bit of TLC and it was back to normal. Whew. 😪
Operation Save the Bear.

Operation Save the Bear. Christabelle, your bear advocate.

Oh, and thank you Ms Ka Ching for the chocolates! 😊☺️🤗😋😘😋😚 <- many many emojis. Too many emojis. NO THERE IS NEVER TOO MANY. (what exactly goes on in Chris’ head)
Anyhoo.  We arranged it (tried to) into a heart to express our gratitude. (too cheesy, too cheesy🙄)


We’ve come to the end of this blog post. Come back tomorrow to read about tomorrow! And follow us, blah blah blah, you know the usual. 😶
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