we’re back with yet another blog post to end of week 2 of production! time pasts really fast especially at the production site (also a reason why we have to work over time to complete our work :c)

for the past week, we continued to roll around in paint as usual! this week, however was much more stressful than the last, despite the fact that we slacked so much this week (oops). we, however, finished all our paintings! (rEjoice)IMG-20151204-WA0000

this week included a lot more conversations with different groups as well (which is nice c:)! we talked to spatium (who came over several times to steal our food and watch us paint (we’re talking about you deng)), asdfg (they’re are super nice even with their leg fetish AHHAHA) and rockin tomatoes (they punch out of their tent too often and today we finally broke and threw an empty water bottle at their tent and ended up playing whack the mole through the tent lmao (much productive!1!1!!1))

we also celebrated wendalyna’s birthday (our senior from MADEit)! ms beverly bought a cake and we sang happy birthday to her after (not so subtly) surprising her with the cake!

mint and colin visited us again on monday! (if you haven’t seen their blog post, the link is here!) they gave us a super cute koala fan from the zoo for kayla and her projecter barbecue and to fan our painting so it dries faster heheh. they also taught us a game called ‘give me the tempo’ to allow them to learn our names better! we joined together with zls and played as one big group at the entrance (probably not the most convenient spot but it works)! we may or may not have played the game several times in our tent while waiting for paint to dry…

also, on either tuesday or wednesday (we forgot lmao) we were interviewed by a Straits Times IN reporter about our story! we also took a bunch of (not so) flattering photos for the reporter which we (really really really) regret.IMG-20151202-WA0013

another piece of good news! ms shiling returned from her overseas trip! we spent lunch staring at the door waiting for her to arrive (we sighed when mr ellery walked in instead). gl and kayla also started a paint war with her… better watch your backs on monday. (if any of the teams are reading this we advise you not to get involved unless you want to end up as a colourful mess at the end of the day c:)

this pretty much sums up our entire week! see you next week c:

❤ cedar 3

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