Second week of proDUCKtion: Duck Duck Glucose

Haziqah working hard on her animation

Hello everyone! We’re back with our third blog post, and this blog post will be about our second week of proDUCKtion (which is fitting because today’s the last day of the week). This week has been such an eventful one, and we will be addressing these events in today’s recap! :-))))))))))))))))

Our first week mainly involved illustrations, where we created the designs and layouts of each scene of our video. This week, however, we focused on animating these elements to form our final animation. Fortunately, we have been making quick progress and are working hard on making it as perfect as possible!


This was an entirely candid shot, taken by Kaviel


Our first (proper or unproper) photo taken with our ambassador

Our ambassador, Kaviel Teo, visited us again with GONG CHA!!!1!!!!1!1!1!!!!! Besides writing blog posts to promote our group as well as to report on our team’s progress with the animation, he even went the extra mile to purchase Gong Cha for us hungry/thirsty ducks. Even though the sugar level was 50% (half), we felt that it was so sweet of him that we tasted 100% of his love.



Even our ducks are enjoying the drinks together with us ;-)))))))))))


Full family photo with our distant cousin, Kaviel, and our children (stuffed toys)

During our breaks in between working (untimely hours), we also found a sign that truly marked the trash can as our home. We are trash, after all.


The sign next to the trash bag said “Home of the Top 10”

Also, a few journalists from the Straits Times visited our tent to interview us in the middle of our production! Before they came, they took the time to read our blog post and remembered the key points mentioned in it, which we felt was really nice! 🙂

Not only did they question us about our story idea, they also inquired about the other “fun parts” of our NEmation journey. For instance, they showed interest in the “stuffed toys in the fridge” incident and even laughed at our lame puns.


Photo taken by the Straits Times journalists

Recently, as one of the groups is carrying out stop motion (keeping the group a secret just in case!), it’s been pretty dark, which provides us with the opportunity to turn on our lightsaber. BAMM also gave us a portion of their fairy lights, which look really pretty in pitch darkness! We thrive most in the dark, because we are Dark Dark Glucose (Duck Duck Glucose).


Samantha’s lightsaber

That is the end of our blog post! We have visited everyone’s tents and all of them are doing such a great job. Good luck to all the teams for your final week of production 🙂

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