Week 2 :) Not so perfect ending

Hey guys, sorry we didn’t update yst and yanoo what? Meagan is off blog duty  so Marilyn took over for this time:) I’ll be back on Mon:) Btw, about what u are gg to read below, pls nite that due to my limited IT skills u can view the pics on our instagram @bigbamm4 cuz I’m unable to post them thru my phone ( sorry for the inconvenience anyways, its gd promo for our insta rite? u know we love u hardworking friends:)




Hello everybody, sorry for not posting yesterday, but BAMM’s back! (yay…) And because we missed yesterday, you’re getting not one, but TWO posts! (woohoo.)

So yesterday, we managed to squeeze in some free time, and do some doodles. Therefore, this post will be dedicated to the magnificent doodles done by our talented team members.


Exhibit A:


Our very first official doodle of Bill Cipher! But people keep accusing him of being the illuminati 😦 . Look at those shiny stars. You have no idea how hard it was to draw all of them. It took approximately three minutes to draw everything. THREE minutes. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long, but there was a LOT of effort put into drawing them. Each stroke had to be drawn one by one. It’s a total of a HUNDRED strokes (I counted)! I think…


Exhibit B:


Uh… I guess it’s okay…


Exhibit C:


Finally. Our last picture. This is a beautifully crafted portrait of Chen. See how beautifully drawn he is. Appreciate his curly hair, each strand painstakingly drawn into his head. Look at that sharp jaw, and how straight it is. Look at those long arms, look ow they almost reach the ground. Look at how disproportional the head is to the body.

See how hard I worked on drawing this? See how much effort I put into his unique features? I even managed to finish it in FIVE MINUTES!! How’s that possible? Even I don’t know! Ah, I’m just too talented.


Thank you for looking at our display of pictures. You all are such wonderful people. Bless you.











Hello again, loyal readers. We have come to the end of Week 2! Today we were pretty stressed. According to our schedule, we have less than half a week to finish our animations. We are working really hard to finish it on time. We’re even planning to stay back tomorrow to squeeze in some extra time! Well, most of us are… (darn it Marilyn)

But despite being stressed out, we still managed to find some time to take breaks. Marilyn peacefully ate her lunch alone under the warm sun (until Meagan barged in), and half the group joined our teachers and other St. Nicks friends to get Gong Cha! Our dear instructor Ms Elaine even brought along a guitar (and refused to play it)! So much fun.

We also had fun with our tiny snow people, Mr Snow-ie Poo and his twin sister Snoot-ie Two! If you want to know more about their adventures, check out our Instagram, where we have a very interesting story to show you. (This is what they look like:




We hope that we will be able to finish our animations on time and make them look awesome!

(P.S.: if you go to our Instagram NOW, we have a secret waiting for you…)

(P.P.S.: here’s our lovely picture for the end of the week:)




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