Chapter 10.5: working on a saturday [SPATIUM]

hi guyss

today, Su and I (Chun) went back to catch up on some work. (we did do work yay)

I arrived at NYP lounge at 8.15 and guess what? The doors are locked. 😦 I sat outside until 8:30 when Annabel from BAMM arrived. (finally I am not alone :’) ) It was only at around 8:50 when Ms Elaine arrived, but she did not have the keys to open the door. The doors opened at around 9 which marks 45 mins of sitting outside doing nothing. (well done @ myself) Well, not really nothing, I updated social media and prepared the a Chinese version of our elevator pitch.

Apparently, NYP was testing its fire alarm today. It was super loud. My head was already going to explode before I got to NYP and the eardrum-bursting alarms is not helping. The alarms rang two times, 10 minutes each time and I was getting dizzy by the end of it.

Ms Kaching bought us Lao Ban Douhua 🙂 It was delicious!! Su did not want hers so I kind of made her give it to me. (cravings satisfied yayy)

thank you ms kaching for the douhua!! (❁´▽`❁)

thank you ms kaching for the douhua!! (❁´▽`❁)

That’s it for today, I guess 🙂 and we will be back with another blog post soon!! 😀

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