DV: When you can’t sleep in on a Saturday

Hey hey hey!!

Today’s (Saturday’s) blog post is gonna be short, cos nothing really much happened. So.

Saturday is OT Day!

We arrived, ready to be productive, and heard the unmistakable sound of a bell.

The stupid fire alarm was ringing!! Over and over again, it would ring for 15-minute intervals. Why they have to test it so many times is beyond us. But it was loud, noisy, deafening, and caused our ears to ring! (get the pun? Anybody? Nobody? Ok then)

Today, we started using two stop motion panels for our animation! It didn’t speed up the process much, cos the second computer did not have the top-of-the-line stop motion program the first computer had. Meh. We could only film the backgrounds of the scenes on it. Hopefully, it puts us LESS behind. If we become any further behind, 3-week production will become 4-week production. And that is a major no-no cos everyone is flying off.

Thank you NEtitanxll for the Oreo Wafers! We really appreciated it! Oh and BAMM for the Santa Claus candy! Let it be said it is slightly perturbing to eat Santa’s head, and it was also too cute to bite off. We’ll probably end up framing it or something, like the weirdos we are.

And big thanks to everyone who gave us gifts! Mr Tham, NEMation 9 NEMators, and Rockin  Tomatoes! Why do I separate the thank you’s, you ask?
^this is why. We have pictures, but not all, unfortunately. Sorry!

^this is why. We have pictures, but not all, unfortunately. Sorry!

We are such welcoming people, ammirighttttt

We are such welcoming people, ammirighttttt

Well, that’s all for today’s blog post! Pretty uneventful (which is technically a good thing cos that means we were productive good little children that did not get distracted by other things). We’ll see you on Monday with another blog post!

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– Duck Vaders

P. S. Yes, yes I know this blog post was lame and not even funny or anything, but that’s what happens when Christabelle is too tired to be her usual funny comedian self. Kbye.



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