Hey guys!

Time flew by so fast that we didn’t realize we came to the end of second week.

Do you actually believe that?

Anyway, the second week had been a cold one as the air conditioner felt colder while it was raining outside. So apparently Zhi Xiang, Lufti and Shao Jun brought their jackets but Shofia did not. She was freezing in cold but thanks to Ms. Ka Ching she brought two jackets and lend her one.

We met our ambassadors again, Mint and Colin. And this week was kinda interesting as we played a game with team Cedar3. And apparently our team lost .


We were separated from Team Cedar3 and had our personal interview with Mint  and Colin through a game. One of them would have to turn their back on us and throw a ball, while the four of us had to stand behind in a row. When the ball is thrown to the direction of one of us, they would be able to ask us a question.




Here are our selfie!


In the second week, we were also interviewed by Hannah from the Straits Time! We took some selfies with her too, though!



This week wasn’t as tough as the first week as we’re getting used to the device that we’re using. So we were actually done with the outlines of the characters. We were actually finally able to take a breath again.


Comparing our previous works with our current works, Ms.Kaching asked us to redo some of the characters because our drawing improved.

But well, we redo them quite fast, we got used to the devices that we are currently using now.

A few days ago, our instructors, Ms.Kaching and Mr.Nicholas decided to ask Shofia to draw shadows on the characters because she finished her work a little bit earlier.

But apparently when Ms.Kaching caught  Lufti slacking , Ms Kaching asked  Lufti to help  Shofia with her work.

You might wonder  how Ms.Kaching found out that Lufti was slacking .

Thus I’ll tell you why.

Ms.Kaching caught Lufti  laughing  for almost half of the day on Youtube. She had to remove his privilege of using the internet .

This week, we had to stayback on Saturday too. Shofia and Zhi Xiang reached around 9.00 and the door sadly was closed and they had to wait outside for afew minutes.

Ms.Kaching brought us Lao Ban beancurd that day. Thanks ms.Kachingg!!!!

And you know what?

Last Saturday was ms.Kaching’s birthday!

Happy birthday, ms.Kaching!!

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~ZLS #NE10C10

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