Week 3 :0

Yo guys! We went back for OT today:0 (ma precious saturday:()

anyways we are quite behind time cuz we were one member down and i’m leaving on wed so we have to work OT for the rest of the time till me leaves:(


everyone wore casual clothes but me:( (bcuz i didn’t check whatsapp earlier:() anyways…. feeling warm and cozy because the aircons not on( so happy for the ppl who couldn’t stand the cold:) yst we had very little ‘dones’ on our progress sheet but we added a few more ‘dones’ today so we are super happy and…….

ME SUPER PROUD OF OUR TEAM:) (so impt its in caps:)

btw, Marilyn ain’t here cuz she’s busy:(

actually we don’t have many done as we are supposed to but that’s cuz many of them are like done halfway or maybe a quarter done (a little slow but…..)

(secret: ms elaine gave us choco so we are on a sugar rush HAHAHAHAHA:0)

we didn’t really do much cuz we were only there till 1 (me gg to home eat lunch feenally SO HAPPY)

ohya more dones added( by more i mean 1)


see ya on mon:)

meagan xoxo



okay so meagan is supar dupar excited (finally ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)


okay so today was open hse and yah everything was super hectic and idk ( so messy and bleh blah) i even had a dream last nite that we flopped the thing, so scary i woke up (that was at 7.15 of cuz)

we actually didn’t even prepare for the open hse tbh( no time yanno, alr behind time:() on the other side: we have more dones:)

SO PROUD OF BAMM! (again, our team deserves praise in caps)

oh, POWER 98.7 came to interview us but we were a little blur and not trained (our 1st so a little scared and jittery) (felt a little sad after that)

Mari brought super huge pasta to eat for lunch (big=palm-sized per piece) it smelt super goody

okay, part 1 of open hse is done ( a little messy and unorganised but i hope we are better in the next round)

btw, i’m writing this currently so its all in present tense (time check:5.10)

ohya, our VPs came to encourage us (Thank You:) but it was like so scary and we were a little scared:0 (Bel and SW escaped to the toilet, so cheeky)

PHEW, SO TIRED (on the bright side, Meagan gg to Taiwan soon, so HAPPI:0)

aft the school representatives left, we just did work…..

ohhhh….. the buffet is being set up now though…..so excited

parents coming soon (dk if its gd or bad)


okay, the parents are here and the briefing is on:) hope we don’t have to face so many parents (so scared……im gonna mess up) IT DOESN’T HELP BEL IS SINGING TIAN MI MI IN MY EAR REPEATEDLY!!!!!

GOOD NEWS: Don’t need to present (HAHAHAHA…..Relief at its max:)

we ate and just walked around the other tents (the other teams one are so cool i’m scared….)


after some awkward moments, we all went home cuz we didn’t need to OT! (so happi:0)


yeps, so that all for 2 day folks:0

luv ya, Meagan:0

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