Week 3 on the GO :0

Yops! It’s time for an update again:0


‘DRUM ROLLS……….WE ARE ALMOST DONE! (left with only 1 scene and touching up i think…..)

anyways today was quite a mundane day ( i did nothing much but exporting and a little tweaking here and there) it’s REALLY confusing cuz it’s repetitive and idk what i hv done and what i haven’t

okay so practically, Mari finished our ending (it’s super cool so stay tune…)

Bel had to continue on her scene and SW just touched up our combined scene:0

I actually slept for an hour today, Mari watch a 1 and half movie while SW watched some chinese variety show w/ EXO’s Lay inside.

Ms Elaine was taking it easy today with us so we had a nice life, so nice we were a little bored and cheeky (shhhh…it’s a secret….)

there is nothing much to write about for today cuz it was just like a ‘keep calm and do whatevs u wanna do’ day (sorry for that)

D-1 till Meagan goes to Taiwan, means I’ll miss the wrap party (cries….)

nvm cuz Rebekah frm DUCKVADERS is missing it too and aso our friend from DUCK DUCK GLUCOSE who are flying away….

SAD NEWS: WE ARE OUT OF MINERAL WATER!!!!!! (Mari and I are sad cuz we depend on that for survival although we don’t really care about the gone milo everyone is sobbing about so……)

i think imma end here cuz there’s really not much to write bout today


to other teams: JIAYOU:0

and quoting mr joshua, YOLO!


that’s all folks….

Meagan gonna watch k-drama (which ms elaine and mr nik says are for aunties….()

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