hellloooooooo πŸ™‚

it is the end of day 3 of week 3 which is also the 3rd last day of production!! !!

today, we drew and drew and drew even more, all we do is drawing honestly, if you have not figured it out yet. πŸ˜›

We ate a lot today, and by ‘We’ I mean just me (chun). I have no idea what made me so hungry this week and I have been eating so much. For example, I ate 2 rounds of dinner (back-to-back) today and ate a lot of chocolate and other snacks. You would think that after eating so much I would be super energised but nopeeee I was so drained of energy that i chugged down a cup of hot chocolate followed by a cup of coffee, breaking my steady 1 month without coffee thing. 😦

We also made fun of Mr Nik (sorry we were joking I think you know that hahah) by saying that pretty much everyone and everything looks like him, as well as questioning his eating habits, which is eating slow and eating often. It is really sad that he often ditches us to have lunch or dinner. 😦

looks like Mr Nik right??

looks like Mr Nik right??

Mr Nik was posing with Deng's bag but didn't let me take photo

Mr Nik was posing with Deng’s bag but didn’t let me take photo

Mr Nik looks really suspicious 0.o

Mr Nik looks really suspicious 0.o

At around 8pm, Ms Kaching ‘came home’ to our tent for like 10 minutes yayyyy πŸ™‚ She sang some songs with Su and for a moment our tent felt full again :’) So sad that Ms Kaching didn’t return permanently though 😦

Today, we also talked to the boys of ZLSS for the first time (kinda), we have also gotten closer to Shofia who came to talk to us and offer some tips about animating which helped hehehe πŸ˜€ She also helped us to buy lunch today which is really nice of her ❀

Cedar3 also came to our tent quite often and offered us much needed support and food ❀ ❀ We have gotten really close to them in these 2 weeks plus and we will really miss them when production ends 😦

MadeIt also gave us another bag of chocolates, jelly and sweets!! πŸ™‚ It is really nice of them and we sort of finished it already oopss.


We are finally close to finishing in terms of our animation and although as a team we are a little behind time still (actually are we? I am not too sure) I can finally picture our clip happening and we really have come so far. There is only 2 days left and I really hope we can pull through πŸ™‚

su went full on crazy by 8pm

su went full on crazy by 8pm

still alive but barely breathing ;-;

still alive but barely breathing ;-;

To make sure Deng did not roam around and will focus on her work, Ms Kaching tied Deng’s leg to the table and gave me the scissors. It worked for half an hour but Deng managed to untie the string to free herself.

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. Thank you Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for taking our nonsense and really helping us πŸ™‚ we are honestly very annoying and noisy and we are very very very grateful that you guys put up with us and offer us help when needed and answer our questions. ❀
2. We are really grateful that we are making progress with our never ending drawing hahahaah
3. We are thankful to all the teams who have been awesome people and giving us gifts and support. Today’s shoutout is to: Cedar3 who hangs out at our tent and gives us chips, ZLSS who have been great tent neighbours and interacting with us finally, MadeIt for the goodie bag of food !! ❀

That all for now πŸ˜› Do leave a comment on what you think about Mr Nik’s potential career as a model or just anything that you would like to say to us!! πŸ˜€

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