it was the last day of the shoot yesterday and we’re finally finished with the shooting for our animation !!

after finally finishing our 3 boards of painting, filming awaited us in week 3 from monday till wednesday. over the course in these 3 days, many talents came in to help us and act in our animation. a big thank you to all who have willingly come down to the production site to help us !! 🙂

the start of the shoot brought about many new fun experiences. many props were being used for our animation and we had a great time looking through them and organizing them so that they would be ready for the talents to use easily:)

(gl had to calculate ALL the time frames for the whole animation that took her like 1 hour to do so. she died. and resurrected. )

preparing for the shoot was harder than we thought. even the black carpets on the floor had to be duct taped down while making sure that there were no air bumps. tanya the mum had to repeatedly (by repeatedly I mean 7 over times in total) vacuum the black carpets. she really looked like a mum when she did that hahaha. ”HOUSEKEEPING”




we also had a bilingual radio interview on jia 883 and power 98 on Monday. shyn and kayla did the chinese while tanya and gl did the english. and mr james just continued to stand around to take photos of us :/


With Radio DJ Lina from Jia 883 (photo credit to Mr James)

some talents such as the nsmen etc. (it’s a secret !! :-p) came down. during the shoot when the talents actually had to paint, we were surprised to find out that most of them could actually paint much better than us HAHHAHA much to the disappointment of the instructors oops :p (they actually did chide us slightly tho)

ms shi ling and mr james also tried a hand at acting!!! “I wish ms yan ting acted too tho” ~gl)


Ms Shi Ling putting on a “hair band” (I’m sorry ms shi ling 🙂


Mr James and Cedar3


Behind-the-scenes of the NSmen talent

sadly, we were far done from painting because we still had to touch some parts of the painting during the filming process!!! 😦

BUT, we also had fond memories tying shyn and tanya up with cling wrap!!! yayyyyyyyy. the set looked like a kidnap scene.  we also played around with the camera (thank you mr cameramen!!!) and entered the 17th dimension in some matrix thingy (inception!!!!!)


Shyn and Kayla “doing work”


The 17th dimension


paint wars with ms shi ling AND all the other instructors were really fun (not for the victim, which kayla 99% of the time ran away from) *which explains why im usually the cleanest* ~kayla…. we found out that all instructors love painting……….US -_- . it’s a common criteria among all of them. *looks suspiciously at ms shi ling, ms yan ting and ms elaine (the sadist that enjoys looking at us paint… JKJK)*

we really really had fun these 3 weeks with all our instructors and new friends and seniors and ambassadors and talents and cameramen.. now that the production week is coming to a close, we realize that this experience has been a very enriching one !!!!:)))))


much love <3, cedar3 (kayla and gl

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