today marks the end of our three week production and half of our journey! for the past week, we’ve been filming and shooting (check out our last blog post to see what happened from monday-wednesday!)

after shooting and basically finishing our animation, we decided to add a little something extra to our video! we have to go back on monday to work on this special segment in our video 🙂

we had our wrap party today and managed to make more friends and talk to more people! here are some shots from today’s party:

(edit: check our instagram i am sorry ill try to add photos later)

also, because we have reached the end of our official three weeks of production, we would really take this opportunity to thank every single person who has been working in the same lounge as us! we am grateful for all the time we have spent at the lounge with all these amazing people (in no particular order!) :

  • the instructors who guide us constantly and shower us with care and paint (especially ms yanting and ms shiling!)
  • spatium for encouraging us every step of the way! you really make production much more bearable and fun and also thanking for letting us crash your tent, we apologise for all the inconvenience we have caused c:
  • rockin’ tomatoes for entertaining us with your silly antics and also for basically making production much more fun (-:
  • zls for the note and baring with us when we decide to pop into your tent!
  • MADEit for showering us with lots of love and food!
  • duck duck glucose for the constant encouragement and raps which make us laugh
  • asdfg for being great friends and for giving us food!
  • duck vaders for being really nice even though we didn’t really talk to you!
  • bamm for the food and for being really nice as well!
  • netitanxii for letting me (tanya) crash your game of cards against humanity and for the encouragement as well!
  • mr james for helping us promote with the (not so) nice pictures you post and also for being the hawker in our animation clip hehe
  • all the talents who have helped us with our animation clip and also the amazing camera crew!
  • anyone else who has helped us along the way, be it indirectly or directly, thank you!

we know this is an exceptionally long post, but because today is the last (official) day of production, we’re all feeling a little sad and reflective. the fact that we won’t be walking into the freezer (lounge actually hah i am so funny) every morning from now is a little sad but it was nice while it lasted. we have gained so much from these three weeks, be it friends or experience, and we are extremely grateful to have been given this amazing opportunity to be part of nemation 10 top 10!

we’ll still be posting here and on our social media despite the fact that production is over, so be sure to check back here for updates and also our social media!

instagram: @_cedar3

twitter: @_cedar3

and also like us on the ne10top10 facebook app here!

❤ cedar 3


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