Chapter 15: It is a wrap! Kinda. [SPATIUM]

Heyy guys!

Yesterday was the last official day of production (day 15!) and the wrap party day!!

As Mr Joshua said, it was supposed to be our ‘last burst of energy’. It is not that we did not do as much as we can, I, Chunran, managed to colour 46 frames, including closing gaps in half an hour. I felt so accomplished. However, there quite a bit of work to be done. Mr Nik put me in charge of checking and compiling, so even though I was done by around 4, I still had to rush the compiling of my team’s works.

This lead to the major problem that is the reason for the ‘Kinda.’ in the title of this blog post. So, while compiling I realised that there was this one part that was not coloured and some lines were not drawn properly. There was only 3 minutes left and there is really no way that I could complete it. Hence, I am coming back on Monday to do some final touch-ups (Su and Yi Zee are coming to accompany me, I think)

Anyway, moving on to the wrap partyy!! It was really fun, although it was awkwardly funny during the games part but we really enjoyed ourselves! Many people from the past seasons of NEmation came back to celebrate its 10th year anniversary. The banners of each of the 10 years were also put up.

We popped confetti and “champagne” which was a really loud experience (especially the confetti part. The confetti ceremony left the floor with multicoloured pieces of paper and plastic. It looked like someone vomited a rainbow in there.

popping 'champagne' !!! ╰(・∇・╰)

popping ‘champagne’ !!! ╰(・∇・╰)

Mr Nik trying to be cool and blowing the party thing :P

Mr Nik trying to be cool and blowing the party thing 😛

Party outfit 10/10 !!

Party outfit 10/10 !!

Su wants to be as in style as Mr Nik too!!

Su wants to be as in style as Mr Nik too!!

After the ceremony, a few instructors pulled out a gigantic cake with the NEmation 10 logo on it!! Representatives from each year of NEmation went to cut the cake after the candles were lit and the birthday song was sung. HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY NEMATION!!! 🙂

cAKE!! ヾ(・д・ヾ)

cAKE!! ヾ(・д・ヾ)

There was a grand feast laid out for us!! (yes it is a real feast this time with food that is NOT from KouFu hahahah) There were lots of local food such as Laksa and Satay and there was even a chOCOLATE FONDUE!!!

You don't understand how excited I was when I saw the chocolate fondue. You really don't.

You don’t understand how excited I was when I saw the chocolate fondue!!! You really don’t.

We managed to mingle around with the other groups and take some photos :’) We also got to take photos with our instructors Mr Nik and Ms Kaching 😀

We were going to take a nice photo with MadeIt although Deng already left, but Vaders and BAMM came along

We were going to take a nice photo with MadeIt although Deng already left, but Vaders and BAMM came along

we were trying to take a nice SN photo when Ms Elaine casually joined in (;▽;)

we were trying to take a nice SN photo when Ms Elaine casually joined in (;▽;)

mr nIK!!ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

mr nIK!!ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

ms kACHINGGGG ヽ(;▽;)ノ

ms kACHINGGGG ヽ(;▽;)ノ

(we have more photos which i will put up another day hahaha)

It has been a great journey so far and despite the fact that it gets really really tough and stressful, I have NO REGRETS joining this competition, and I really hope our clip will turn out the best it can. :’)

Gratitude moments for the whole production: (in no particular order)

1. A HUGE THANK YOU to Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for always helping us and guiding us each step a long the way, we have learnt a lot and we done pretty much anything without you guys!! ヾ(´∀`) I know we thank you guys every blog post but really, we cannot thank you enough for the amazing yet stressful and tiring 3 weeks!

2. Thank you to all the instructors and the people from Nexus for organising this competition, and all the judges during the Super Pitch and all the other pitches for letting us have this amazing opportunity to be part of the top 10 teams of NEmation 10!

3. We are super grateful for the super nice and awesome people from all the top 10 teams, so in no particular order:
– Thank you Cedar3 for always welcoming us to your tent and sharing with us your food and crashing our tent 🙂 This will be cheesy but we are GRATEful for all your encouragements and food (hehehe) and your friendship!!! As well as still talking to us after hearing all our lame puns about 3 and Spatium hehehe 😛 WE ALWAYS HAVE SPATIUM FOR YOUUU and we will miss you guys!! ❤ ❤ ❤
– Thank you Duck Vaders for being such nice tent neighbours and talking to us and occasionally letting us in to your very very warm tent. You guys are really nice and please say ‘hi’ if we see each other in school!! 🙂
– Thank you BAMM for letting us randomly go and visit you, although you guys don’t tell us to Jiayou or give us ice cream, it is really fun to have you guys around!! 🙂 Also, the avocado guacamole video that Marilyn showed me was super funny 😛 Also, please say ‘hi’ when you see us in school!! (dont ignore a random person waving at you heheh)
-Thank you ZLS for being really nice neighbours although we mainly interacted with Shofia but you guys are pretty funny and nice!! 🙂 Thanks for letting us go into your tent randomly to find Ms Kaching and stuff and watching 蜡笔小新 with you the other night hahaha 🙂
– Thank you MadeIt for all the food and lunch circle entertainment and very interesting stories hahahaha 🙂 You are all reaLLY NICE 🙂 We really enjoyed the lunch circle moments and we will definitely miss you guys !! 🙂
– Thank you ASDFG for chatting with us at the snacks place and stuff. Although your tent is like almost always closed, we are really glad we talked (although not a lot) and yOU GUYS ARE REALLY NICEE
– Thank you Rockin’ Tomato for the really nice wafer that you gave and for letting us stay outside your tent in the isle that separates you guys from Cedar 3! You guys are very nice and funny!
– Thank you NEtitanxII for talking to us (more on instagram than in real life but hehehe) and being really nice!! I still haven’t found out what your story is about but it looks super cool with the trophy things hahaha 😛

4. We would also like to thank the school and all our teachers in charge, Mr Tham, Mr Chan and Mr K for all the food you gave us and for coming down to support and encourage us!

5. Thank you Wei Ting for always helping us in various ways such as cleaning up and arranging the pantry to helping us in whatever way you can! 🙂

6. Thank you to all our friends and everyone who supported us, be it through coming to visit us during open house or on social media 🙂 WE LOVE YOU GUYS ❤

7. Last but not least, we owe a huge thank you to our families for supporting us and being understanding about the amount of time we spend in NYP drawing. 😀

That’s it for now, sorry for the late update 😦

Production may be over, but our NEmation journey definitely has not. Hence, you should still stay tuned and continue checking us out on all our social media platforms (links below!) and reading our future blog posts :):)

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Also, if you missed out on any of our previous blog posts, you can find all of them here!

Thanks for all your support so far, and we will talk to you again soon!!

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