After 3 weeks of drawing , animating and colouring we have come to the end of production week. Many things also happen and one of it is the open house, there were lots of visitor and so we have to share our story with them and so Lufti and Shao Jun was preparing at the last minute but they were still able to tell the main point of the story and what is it about . Other than that our group also came back on Saturday to finish our work, so that our work load will decrease and we will not need to stress too much and can do even more STUFF!!! In this 3 week our instructor Ms Kaching and Mr Nik had helped us alot because of them helping us we were able to finish our work faster and right now we are even adding more things into our ANIMATION!!! but the happiest part is we are able to finish everything on time!!!

#nemation 10 , #ne10c10

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