Chapter 16: DONE! Finally. [SPATIUM]


We (or just I, chun) have good news today 😀 We have officially completed our animation!! Of course, there is still some final editing that would be done by our instructors, but we are more or less done!! :):) Yes, it took us an extra day but to be honest, I am pretty proud of our work. It is not perfect, but I honestly have no regrets :’)

Does it mean that we know exactly what our video will look like? Nope, obviously not. Maybe the answer to this question would be probably a yes from other groups who had completed, but I would not say so for us. I don’t know if I had ever mentioned it (you probably would have guessed so if I have not), but our video will be a combination of live-action and 2D animation. Remember the filming? Hence, the parts where our animation is blended in with the live-action parts is yet to be seen 😛

I went back to the freezing NYP lounge today, to do some final touch-ups on my group’s work. Usually, the whole team will come back together, but the rest of my team was unable to come 😦 So, I worked alone today. It wasn’t sad to work alone, I mean, I was not exactly alone. Quite a few teams came back today and they kept me company :’)

SO now that we finished our work, I am super happy and really really really glad that I do not have to touch ToonBoom again, unless I want to (most likely not)

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. I would like to thank Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for their efforts and always being there and always giving good advice to make drawing and animating easier for all of us. 🙂
2. I would like to thank ToonBoom for always being there throughout this journey although you keep crashing and making me hate life but like we LITERALLY cannot do anything without you. (well, unless we use another software of course)
3. I would like to thank all the groups that was there today and said ‘hi’ and stuff. Especially Cedar3, Duck Vaders and ZLS who came to our tent to visit us and letting me crash their tent because I was bored and all my team members were not here. Also, thank you Cedar3, Rockin’ Tomato and ZLS for letting me tag along with you guys for lunch :’)

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