Last Week Of proDUCKtion!: Duck Duck Glucose


My friend

Howdy, readers. It’s Samantha, the funniest of the group (really),  It still feels weird not having to rush to NYP as soon as I woke up this morning. Could this be production withdrawals? 😦 Anyway, I will be telling you guys about our very last week of produc(K)tion which ended approximately 4 days ago ;~;

During that week, we still went to the lounge every morning to work on our animation clip, but on Monday we had special guests who visited us during the open house to look at what we have done for the previous 2 weeks! Firstly, we had the judges and sponsors who came after lunch to view our progress so far. Our instructor, Ms Elaine, had compiled our latest files and we showed it to them, also giving them a brief summary of the meaning behind our clip. They were impressed at how much we had completed because almost 90% of the animation was already done by then! We felt more motivated after hearing their encouragements as they told us that they liked our idea and that our drawing style was cute 🙂 Cyber Pioneer also interviewed us and some other teams, and you can view the article here!

Afterwards, staff from the various schools came to visit us. Although our teachers could not make it this time (they came the previous week!), a teacher from Beatty Sec, our neighbours, talked to us which was nice! Lastly, our family and friends paid us a visit after dinner. We felt really proud showing them our hard work for the past weeks and we also brought them around to visit the other teams whom we have made friends with!

The last week was spent on animating the last two scenes of our animation clip (that’s right, we were really fast!), receiving feedback and refining our work to make it as perfect as possible! Jing Wen left us halfway through the week to go to Australia with her family but it’s okay because she finished her work before leaving and I had a substitute table partner!

Also we finished animating so quickly, we had time to appreciate the wonderful breakfast sets Koufu has to offer and we watched Shinhwa videos to keep ourselves happy while waiting for more work to do 🙂


3/4 of us with the wonderful Ms Elaine!!! (we miss you Jing Wen)

Saving the best for the last! We would like to thank Ms Elaine, our amazing instructor for everything!! We would not have been able to do so much without her teaching us how to use Adobe Flash and patiently guiding us whenever we got confused! We hope she liked the card with many hot rhymes and the cute presents we got her 🙂

Thank you for reading this long post and we can’t wait for you guys to see our animation!!!


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