Hello everyone!!!! For a change, Samantha and I (Haziqah) will be writing the blog posts so if you see a dramatic difference in the tone of this and the previous blog posts, it’s because Jing Wen is currently in Australia and we are stealing her job!

It has officially been 3 days and 18 hours since our proDUCKtion journey has ended and we can honestly say we have no regrets. Although, we do regret not starting on our homework earlier because we are drowning in them now…

We celebrated the end of our 3 weeks of production during the W(rap) party where while there wasn’t any real rapping, was still really enjoyable and memorable. Jing Wen, who had been in Australia for 3 days already, was having a rap party of her own while on holiday and while she wasn’t with us physically, she was with us in spirit, or rather she was with us in the form of a balloon we found with a face on it. We live texted her constantly though, so she wouldn’t miss out on anything that was happening during the party.

Like at any party (or any party we have attended), there were games to keep everyone entertained. The first game was something like the number game where we had to shout numbers in order but if two or more people shouted out the same number at the same time, they would be out. Due to failed communication between our members, all three of us shouted ‘3’ at the same time and basically killed each other but again, no regrets.

In the third game of team charades, we were paired up with Duck Vaders (duck family!!!) where they acted out the word and we had to guess. Miraculously, we managed to get 3 right and won the game! I say miraculously because the other groups that participated only managed to get 1 answer right and with that unexpected victory, we won ourselves a prize. (MAMEEEEEE)


Confetti in a jar because why not

The games ended there and we were gathered together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NE!mation by popping/exploding confetti and popping sparkling water (disguised as champagne).


Champagne or Cham-pain

It was a struggle popping the champagne because it was so tight but we managed to do so! Don’t underestimate our strength because of our height!!!


Happy birthday N.E.mation!

There was also a really cute cake to celebrate the 10th season of N.E.mation! We are really honoured to be the Top 10 of Season 10 we rate this party 10/10 ((sorry it’s Samantha so the jokes are kinda bad)) I tiptoed but managed to get a decent picture so don’t underestimate us because of our height alright!


Goodb(eye) 😥

We ended the party with a bang (pun not exactly intended) and it marked the end of our three weeks of produc(k)tion. Even though we bid farewell to our tent, we know it isn’t the end for our journey in N.E.mation yet! WE WILL BE BACK (with another blog post hopefully)


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