Chapter 18: After Effects [SPATIUM]

heyy 🙂 Today’s blog post will be quite short as it wasn’t a really eventful day haha

Today I went back to NYP to learn how to use Adobe After Effects from Mr Nik to help edit my group’s clip. Mr Nik asked Wei Ting to teach me the basics first before he give me instructions on what to do next

Wei Ting is a great teacher and it is really impressive how she can still remember how everything works after a year 🙂 Adobe After Effects is sort of confusing after using ToonBoom for 3 weeks, the keyboard shortcuts are quite different so it gets a little confusing.

Another problem is that whenever I zoom in to double check, I (or Mr Nik or Wei Ting) will spot some mistake and we will end up spending quite a lot of time fixing that mistake. After all, we do not want to have any regrets, right?

Gratitude moments of the day:
1. Thank you Wei Ting and Mr Nik for teaching me After Effects it is really cool (although quite confusing)
2. Thank you Ms Kaching for letting me stand beside you and watch you do work when I am taking breaks :):):)
3. Thank you Mr Nik for giving me the sample puzzle, I just opened it and the picture is so cutee!!!!! (also puzzles are great)

Sorry that this blog post is so short 😦 We will update soon though! 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

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