Chapter 19: The Last Time [SPATIUM]

Hellooo 🙂

Okay, I feel like I need to clarify the title which might make you think that this is ‘the last time’ we are going to write a blog post and NO that is definitely not true. This will be my last time (I think) writing about going to the freezing NYP Lounge to animate and stuff. Honestly, it is quite sad if you think about it, tomorrow, they will be taking everything down, our tents all our other stuff. It has been our home for 3 weeks (+++) and I think I will really miss it.

With the Wei Ting, Mr Nik and Mr Xavier, I managed to help with the after effects to the best of my ability. It is not done, but I tried my best and I am quite happy with the result :’) <– (me, tearing up already)

I learnt quite a bit of after effects skills (?), mainly from Wei Ting and through trial and error, haven’t really gotten the hang of it though. I feel that after effects if more fun than Toon Boom, but Toon Boom is much easier to use. I guess there is a high chance that I find After Effects more fun because I am not under the constant stress of needing to re-do (well, I still need to ‘re-do’ for my teammates in After Effects because the amount of errors made is enough to make me want to bang my head on the wall

Our storyboard and all the schedules we hung on the curtain things were taken down. To prevent it from being thrown away because it means quite a lot, I brought everything home. Even the schedule, although Ms Kaching told me to throw it away because ‘The schedule is a lie, Deng Cheng’s schedule is to walk around everyday’

After taking everything down, our tent felt really empty, our puzzles were kept and wrapped properly, our storyboards were taken down, the lamps were removed, the house rules and the schedule too, our cintiqs were also taken away (except for the ones Wei Ting and I were using). The emptiness and neatness in general made it feel less like our tent, which is really sad. That was when it hit me that I have grown attached to this funeral tent which we called ‘our third home’ for 3 weeks.

empty and (relatively) neat tent

empty and (relatively) neat tent

Today I am grateful for:
1. WEI TING (literally the best person ever) who helped so much, like she really didn’t have to but she is such a great person and she did so much for our clip she is the best!! ❤ ❤
2. Mr Nik who checked and approved my (and Wei Ting’s) work :’) and Ms Kaching who made me laugh about how the schedule is a lie because of deng (sorry deng)

That’s all for today, and I think this will be the end of our daily blog posts for a short while 😦 We will still update at least once a week though! So STAY TUNED!!!!

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