DV: Hello, Everyone! It’s Open House!

Hey guys!!!

What’s up? (the ceiling. duh)

Boy do we have a lot to tell you! Yesterday (Monday) was Open House Day, so NEMation opened its doors to welcome everybody! From the media, to sponsors, to schools, and even our family and friends, it was a busy day for all of us!

The first session was the media. We were interviewed in Chinese by 家883! It was interesting to have an interview in Chinese. Very…interesting. I’ll leave it at that.

Nonetheless, St Nicks is a bilingual school, so we have to prove our bilingualism! We did a recording for the same station in English. Apparently, our English is more hype, while our Chinese is more graceful and soft-spoken. Woops.

We entertained everyone who came to our tent. Giving them presentations, showing them our characters, we pulled out all the stops to make it interesting!

Soon after, Pioneer magazine came over to interview us on our video concept, which is very closely related to SAF. (Hint. We’re so frugal with our hints, this is pretty much all you’re gonna get, woops.) It was really cool to be interviewed by them! STin also came in again for a short follow-up interview, following last week’s. #whenyoucan’tgetenoughofus

Soon after the media came the school representatives. Principals and HODs (Head of Department) of various schools came to take a look at our concept! There was one scary moment when someone took an ARM from our table and forgot to gave it back. (Literally sounds like we sell limbs at our booth. HEY AN ARM FOR $100! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!) I know what you’re thinking. Dude, it’s just an arm. You can draw it again. No, no it’s not. It took an hour to draw and cut, and 2 hours to color in the pixels for the SAF uniform, cos the arm belonged to an SAF personnel. But, crisis averted, when we went after her like crazed dogs to retrieve our lost arm.

The day ended with our close friends and family coming over to get a feel of what we have been spending over a hundred hours on this past 2 weeks.

Overall, this day was pretty fruitful. We had a lot of fun presenting our concept and being interviewed!

That was pretty much our Monday in so many words. Sorry it doesn’t sound entertaining or humorous! It was a busy day for all of us, occupyting nearly every minute of our time!

Not too many (actually when you think about it, it’s none) pictures were taken but if you do want pictures, head on over to @nemation’s social media accounts to check it out!

Do wait patiently for our sense of humor to come back to us. We’ll promise you a funny Tuesday tomorrow! Byeeeee!

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