DV: The End…isn’t it?

Hey friends!

Sorry we haven’t been posting in a while. We have been OT-ing everyday (God bless us all) so I’m just too tired to post every single day. Well, at least it’s coming up now!

Tuesday’s are tiring days. Okay, frankly EVERYDAY is a tiring day. But today was especially tiring, because it was Rebekah’s last day!

Rebekah’s leaving for Japan on Wednesday (i.e. Tomorrow), and leaving the rest of us behind (hmph)! So today, we decided to step up our game and finish as much as we could before she leaves.

Oohoohooh, by the way, CyberPioneer uploaded an article about NEMationt that features US!! Well, not only us, there’s Cedar3, ASDFG and NEtitanxii, so go show your support by checking out the article!



(What you are abut to read is completely unrelated but it’s so ridiculous we had to put it in.)

Rebekah dreamt of herself as a bacon.

When you want bacon but cannot get bacon tsk. #saverebekah2k15 #baconprobs

When she first said it, all of us were like “whaaaaaa…?” To give all of us (and you guys!) a visual, Kerrianne put together an edit of “Rebacon” <- so clever right yeah we know.



Doesn’t it feel so right? Doesn’t it feel like there is a hole in your heart that’s being filled? Doesn’t Rebekah look so comfortable? It was like she was born for this: to be a bacon. When you have secret fantasies about bacon.

We took a lot of pictures to commemorate (whaaaaa?) Rebekah’s last day. There were Polaroids and a thousand different photos on Kerr’s phone by the end of our little “photoshoot”! We even managed to convince (cough force cough) Mr Nik and Ms Ka Ching into taking a few photos with us!

We are your Tumblr goalsssssss.

We are your Tumblr goalsssssss.

Doesn’t Mr Nik look so glam? Such a natural in front of the cameras.

Well, that’s all for today. We hope you liked seeing us get up to our usual antics. Stay tuned for Wednesday!

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