DV: 4 Down To 3…

Bonjour ma cheries! (um what is the plural of cherie is it cheries um French people somebody help me pls thanks kbye)

Here to write about Wednesday, i.e. Day 1 of No Rebekah Torture. Day 1 and we feel the pain. Oh, the pain. Somebody (coughs Rebekah coughs) promised she would help us fold arms before she left (cos none of us can do it), and lo and behold, she flew off and left us with UNFOLDED arms!

Imagine how BETRAYED we felt. Nah, just kidding. Yean Lyi can fold arms too so the problem was quickly resolved. But that’s not the point. The point is that we can’t function as well without Becky dear. Oh, the woes of a 3-member group.

(I honestly wonder how Becky’s feeling right now. Woops didn’t mean to rub it in your face Becky love. WE JUST NEED YOU HERE. <- did it again sorry)

But, life must go on. We pushed through and tried to finish as much as we can.

Second story of the day! We had to color in pixels for SAF uniforms (which is honestly the worst kind of pain. It’s like giving birth to octoplets.), and the color pencil was so worn that it become too short to sharpen!

Don't die on us! YOU CAN'T!

Don’t die on us! YOU CAN’T!

(psssss recognize this? It’s from our Insta!)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We used a pen knife to sharpen it (going back to the caveman days), and it was an…interesting experience, to say the least. Caveman, I tip my hat to you. Just to sharpen one pencil, which, with a sharpener, would typically take about, oh maybe 10 seconds, it took 5 minutes to sharpen one pencil with a pen knife!

Going back to Dinosaur Age.

Going back to Dinosaur Age.

Just thinking about it has me in shudders. Should ever one of you have been or are ever forced to go through such a trial, let us know in the comments below!

One of Mr Nik’s (bald) Japanese friends showed up today!



We all took like 5 hours just to figure out who this is. Saitama! If you are an anime fanatic, you’ll get it. If you are like the rest of us here do that aren’t, welcome to the club. Free entry and a free drink if you are willing to admit it. Come on, we know you want to. <- sometimes my weirdness creeps myself out.

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