DV: Going OT-Crazy!


This blog post is a continuation of the last one, so if you haven’t checked THAT out, ahem what are you waiting for. We don’t have time to sit here and wait for you all day, ya know.

Juz kidding.


We decided to split the post into two (cos if we didn’t it would be a thousand-word blog post and who wants THAT), so here is Part II of Wednesday!!

Today was OT Wednesday (actually it’s OT everyday so), so we headed OT to dinner and decided on Foodgle. We conquered the Great Wall of NYP, and headed into the food court. (It’s called the Great Wall of NYP cos the walk there is so flippin long it’s like touring the Great Wall of China. No kidding. The lounge is at Block A, Foodgle at Block P. Each block is like 100m long, so you do the math.)

There we were, happily eating, and then in come the instructors. Mr Nik walks past our table, and picks up Yean’s bottle and takes it away (cos he think’s he’s funny like that). We, being suave and cool (can suave be used to describe females), didn’t take it back.

After 15 minutes, Mr Nik comes back, and places the bottle back onto the table. Lol. When the prank fails.

Then, 5 minutes later, through the doors come Mr Ellery to join the instructors for dinner! He walks past our table, and picks up Yean’s bottle, and whisks it away.

Yean’s bottle is so popular. It gets taken away by 2 guys within the short span of half an hour! What a player! (lol.)

The instructors are so in sync. You know you spend too much time with one another when you prank the SAME person the SAME way.

So we come back after dinner. There we were, so hardworking, working well into the night, and then suddenly Kerrianne says “I need a drink.” So she heads out to get a cup of Ice Lemon Tea (cos we be healthy fit people like that). She takes a cup, then pours out the drink. And then, she notices something weird happening.

The Peeing Cup. Now up in the DV Wall of Fame!

The Peeing Cup. Now up in the DV Wall of Fame!

The cup. Is peeing.

How utterly strange! (Cue British accent)

Apparently, the cup had a hole, hence it started to “pee” out its contents. Ice Lemon Tea is, coincidentally, yellow, and so a picture was taken, the cup was whisked away to be framed up and hung on our wall, and thus came about “The Pering Cup”.

Third (and final) story of the day! We would like to introduce someone very dear to our hearts (or my heart, at least) to all of you. He is The Man of All Men, the Guy of All Guys. He is the cable to our cable car. The sofa to our coffee table. (Unbelivable by Chen Tian Wen. It’s a real thing. And he ACTUALLY uses these lyrics). He is the curry to our rice. (Daddy – PSY. Go check it out too.)

Introducing, #AlifromSAF. He defended our country, when no one would. <- does anyone get this reference? Here, let me help you jog your memory a lil’ bit. #AlexfromTarget. He packed my groceries, when no one would. Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of him, as his beautiful face was so beautiful the full beauty of it cannot be captured on a measly iPhone camera. It just does not do him justice.

Stealing the hearts of girls everywhere - #AlifromSAF

Stealing the hearts of girls everywhere – #AlifromSAF

Just kidding. Of course we had to have a picture of him! Such a cutie, right? (When you feel disgusted by yourself.) Blows #AlexfromTarget right out of the water. I can see it already. Imagine it! He’ll make headlines in every country in the world!

“#AlifromSAF Takes World By Storm with Blinding Good Looks”

He’ll be the next trending hashtag. You just wait.

Also, yes we have names for our inanimate characters. No, we are not insane. We also don’t appreciate such negative thoughts. We are perfectly sane. Bala, Susan, #AlifromSAF and Blake can prove it to you.

Well, that’s the end of Wednesday. We hope you liked reading about our day and what we’ve been up to. Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow!

– Duck Vaders      #NE10C05

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