Are we PROs in PROmoting yet?

Hey so this post is dedicated to our “promotions” during our three weeks of PROduction. We don’t actually think we are PROs at PROmoting yet but it was definitely fun!! Like when will we ever get a chance to be interviewed by radio DJs or newspaper reporters? Those experiences were rather interesting and we shall share it in a bit more detail further on!


To begin with, our first interview was with DJ Lina from Jia883 FM on our first week of production. Can you believe it wasn’t our first time getting interviewed by a radio station? What’s more, it was even the SAME station, though it was a different DJ XD Our first interview was during our top 20 story refining stage, and it was DJ Jia Ming who was present then.


(Top 20) With DJ Jia Ming


(Top 10) With DJ Lina

We would say that our radio interview was actually the most fascinating one…? As it was an interview which we had to use mainly Chinese, we had to rehearse a few times before recording. The DJ sounded so energetic once the recording started (well i’m not saying she is not in reality, she was in fact pretty nice to us) After hearing our elevator pitch which we prepared for the interview, we were advised to sound more energetic and to answer the questions in a way that sounded like we were actually having a conversation with her. This was because we had a script (oops XD) and thus tend to rush through it. Oh yeah, and to have a “greater” impact, we even went outside the lounge to rehearse shouting “我们是来至四德女子中学的 MADEit” as our intro!! (Yes we went outside as we were being considerate to other teams who were working ^^) We probably looked like weirdos shouting outside. And guess what, we saw ZLS playing soccer outside (they were probably being considerate too HAHAH)  


Anyways, when the recording started, we had to stand really close to each other so that our voices could be recorded clearly. Can you imagine having a phone shoved into your face when speaking? Well that was what happened to us during the interview XD We were also trying to stop ourselves from shivering due to the very cold air conditioning of the NYP lounge (ehem definitely not due to nervousness) Okay to be really honest, we were a tiny bit nervous (who isn’t) but excited at the same time. We would say that our radio interview went by smoothly and in fact veryyy quickly yay 🙂  

DSC_0055 (1)

A proper photo with DJ Lina after the radio interview!

Oops that was a pretty long description of our radio interview :’) But other than that, we were also interviewed by newspaper reporters!! (Straits Times IN) Due to these interviews, I guess we gradually got better and was clearer in explaining our story!! We pretty much said the exact same thing when the reporters, or actually when anyone, asked about our story.


The Straits Times reporter tried to get to know us better (other than our story). She even asked what is our favourite animated character!! We were kind of caught off guard by her questions but we were still able to answer them truthfully and sincerely 🙂 We even told her of the crazy happenings (check out our previous post!) in the lounge and she was definitely shocked yet amazed by them 😀 To end off the interview, we were asked to describe ourselves in a sentence, to which we said “Cold, Hungry, Weird” Well honestly we were definitely VERY cold at almost EVERY moment, ALWAYS hungry at ANY time and we probably ended up being weird because of that. Evidence of our weirdness is our unamusing duckduck and quackquack jokes, but we shall leave that for another time:)


Another opportunity where we got to promote our team and story is during the open house. Butttt that would be another long story so we shall share the happenings of that day in another post!!
This pretty much sums up our honoured interviews we got during the past weeks. So this is all for now! We will be right back with more posts very soon! Adios!!


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