DV: Where is Civilization?

Wassuppppp guys!

Today’s a Thursday, which means that it’s the 2ND LAST DAY OF PRODUCTION!

Time really passed so fast, especially when we were having fun.

However, we still have yet to finish animating our video. So today, we buckled down and got ready to bust it out. Aim? To finish EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately….that didn’t happen. Tough.

Today was honestly just a buffer day. We tried to catch up and finish as much as we could, so it was just animating, compiling, retakes, all your usual stop motion stuff.

Christabelle couldn’t OT today, so it was just Yean and Kerr slaving long into the night. Now, I (i.e. Christbelle) wasn’t there to OT, and so missed all the funny awkward stuff. I’m forever jinxed I swear. It’s like a curse.

So anyway, since I wasn’t there and couldn’t get the full show in glorious HD, 3D, 4D, 5D and live-action, I will do my best to describe it for you guys. (Thank you, Mr McMorland for imparting your descriptive writing skills onto me. Let’s pray I haven’t forgotten them.)

So Story #1.
Yean Lyi and Kerrianne emerged from our tent and spotted NETitanxII at theirs. So of course, Yean and Kerr, wanting to be friendly, said hi. However, being the socially awkward people they are, the scene went something like this.
Beatty Sec Guy #1 (NETitanxII): Oh Hello! (Waves hi)
Y&K: (OMG OMG they saying hi to us what do we do what do we do do we say hi yes we say hi kay let’s say hi) Hello! (Waves hi)
Beatty Sec Girl #1 (think it was Adeline but they didn’t want to tell me so): Oh hi Duck Vaders!
Beatty Sec Girl #2: Hello!
(if at this point, you are wondering why all we say is hi, it’s cos we are socially awkward, as previously mentioned)
Beatty Sec Guy #1: Oh um I was saying hi to Ms Louise…But hi to y’all too! Oh HI MS LOUISE! (Waves to Ms Louise. Who is BEHIND Y&K.)
Y&K: well then. woops. Sorry. Hehe. Um. Yup. So. Uh. Bye now. (slowly backs away)

When one facepalm isn't enough.

When one facepalm isn’t enough.


Story #2!
This story stars our wonderful, oh-so-fabulous instructor Mr Nik. Alas, what played out was so awkward it was funny. So funny I laughed and nearly peed on the spot when I heard it. Here’s what happened.

Y&K: (animating clouds moving in the sky)

(Mr Nik walks in)

Mr Nik: Your clouds look like sperm.

Sudden silence. Jaws drop. Time stops. Everything freezes.

(Mr Nik walks out)

Jaws still dropping. Time still stopping. Everything still frozen.

Y&K: ….?

^what a boom-mic-drop moment for our dear Mr Nik.

Well, that was all that happened this Thursday. As we count down to the end of production, our days grow longer and longer, and civilization seems far, far away. We hobo so much in our tent we don’t have many pictures (or any, really).

Continue reading to find out about Friday! It’s wrap party!!!! Stay tuned to find out more!

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– Duck Vaders  #NE10C05

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