DV: It all happened so fast

It’s Friday! Already. Aka Wrap Party day πŸ˜€ (*cue celebratory music* *cue sad music*) Production Season was tiring yet super fun, but the end is here. 😞

Ms Sarah visited us for the last time and she wrote another blog post about us. Thanks Ms Sarah! πŸ˜€ Go read it!! (If you haven’t by now, know that we will find you, and we will kill you. Just a little reminder πŸ˜„)

When the time for wrap party rolled around we had not finished all our work. And so chaos ensues as we tried to finish as much as we could, tidy our tent, say our last goodbyes, and give out gifts to our instructors and Wei Ting (cos we are nice people like that. You see? You could take a page out of our book and learn from us). But (depressing) matters aside, it’s time for wrap party!! We gon’ go get willllddddd for we are ready to PAR-TAY!! (That sentence was immediately regretted.)

We started off with a few games to break the ice a little bit. Yean Lyi won the first game and our first prize of the day! Soon after, we played a game that involved a lot of teamwork. When there wasn’t enough people, who do we turn to but to our trusty NE9-mators! We dragged Higher Than You and BelievedBeliefs into the game. BelievedBeliefs and Higher Than You, you guys can thank us later. Maybe with a trip to the Bahamas? Bora Bora? We wouldn’t mind, really.

In the next game (charades), we did a lot of weird looking stuff like trying to act out “Singing into the showerhead”, “Riding a unicycle”, just to name a few. You wouldn’t believe how weird we looked. We basically embarrassed ourselves up there, but it’s all in the name of good fun, right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We were so good at acting that we, along with Duck Duck Glucose, the guess-ers, won that game! Duck Vaders on FIRRREEEE TODAY! (How our large heads fit into that room was a real wonder, really. Don’t ask)

Actual proof of how we looked 😢

Actual proof of how we looked 😢

(Apologies for the low quality D:)

Now for the real stuff! It was TIME TO GET THIS PARTAY STARTED!
^sometimes we wonder what’s wrong with us too. Most times, though, we just know it’s cos we are 3cool5u. (i.e so awesome we create a whole new level of awesomeness)

All of us including guests, instructors, past and current Top 10 teams gathered around in a circle and popped poppers (duh. what else would you do with them? Eat them?). Let it be said that this was, to some extent, scary. The poppers weren’t meant for anybody below 13 years old 😯. And you had to turn it the right way, or the whole thing would just explode in your face. We had 911 on standby, not to worry. On top of that, we filmed an 8-minute long video for Rebekah so she wouldn’t miss out. Becky, we are still waiting for that trip to Bora Bora.

In celebration of the end of production and the 10th year of NEmation!

In celebration of the end of production and the 10th year of NEmation!

Then we got on to cutting this huuumongous cake. It was the size of three humans lying side-by-side. Okay, short not-as-tall humans, maybe 135cm tall, but trying to make a point here.


NOM πŸ˜€

Dinner was really good and there was sooo much food. Even a chocolate fountain! We also Face-timed Rebekah all the way from NYP to Japan. Such great friends πŸ˜‡ (still waiting for aforementioned trip to Bora Bora ahem ahem) Oh and we buried Kerrianne in confetti!! Chris and Yean conspired with BAMM, Spatium and Believed Beliefs in Operation Bury Kerrianne. Talk about getting confetti in places confetti should never be found in! And Ms Elaine topped it off by lying on Konfetti Kerr. πŸ˜‚ (we be your alliteration goals, we know.) Again, not to worry, 911 was on standby. (911 was on standby for a good percentage of the party, come to think of it) Hopefully, our dear Kerr didn’t sustain any permanent injuries. #prayforKerr2k15



And lastly, we ended the party with the best part of all! Cleaning up the confetti. OHMYGAWD SO FUN RIGHT HOHOHOHOHEEEHEHEHOHOEH YAY HAHAHHAHAHAH. Not. (we be your sarcasm goals too)

Look at the mess 😨

Look at the mess 😨


Well that’s it for Friday! Unfortunately, this blog post was split into two because it was too long (what happens when you have amazing writers like us).

Stay tuned for Part 2!

– Duck Vaders


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