nothing to do [BAMM]


hey everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now that production is over, we’re kinda starting to miss it. we had to wake up so early for 3 weeks straight and sit at the computer all daay, so doing nothing at home now is quite boring. we really are so bored (shu wen has finished watching all her shows and is currently rewatching and annabel has rewatched seasons of shows)

we cant wait for voting to start and to see our video but before that, we hope cedar3 and rocking tomatoes will keep their promise and bring us out to go play at the beach ;-; (but we dont really trust them, especially chenfu and philemon)

HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE! we cant believe we;re gonna be in sec 3 :0000 visit us at our classes yeAHHhhhHHh? meagan is in 3_, marilyn is in 3_, and annabel and shu wen are in 3_. go find out where we live!

hope to see yall at downtown picnic, thanks for your support!

p.s: cedar3 and rockin tomato, we want to go out and play.

bye! time to return to doing nothing :-((





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