hello it’s us again.

as you might be able to tell, we’re bored, hence another blog post to hopefully  make your day. so, school’s starting (funfunfun) and we are totally not ready to welcome the new school year D:

other than the fact that school is starting, it also means that the day of downtown picnic is nearing! we’re super excited to see the other 9 teams again c: downtown picnic is in…… 26 days (we think don’t trust us please)  we’re going to be able to see some of the top 10 teams on the first day of school as well because we’re having an interview at safra radio! (excuses to leave school early c:)

we’re also planning to have an ne10 gathering soon? (hopefully it doesn’t fail) because we want to go to the beach we mean… meet the other teams. (don’t judge us we know we’re lame)

our blogposts are questionably (heh) lamer than the other teams but we think you guys still enjoy reading them. (right)

well this was shorter than expected.

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❤ cedar3 (mostly tanya and shyn lol)



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