Titans: Tb to our 1st week of Production

Hello people! So sorry for not blogging about our 3 weeks of production last year as we were too busy with our animation. Anyway before I start with blogging, on behalf of my team I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year!! (Oops I guess I am a bit late,but is okay haha)

Let’s get started!!!

The first day of production, all the top 10 teams started off with a briefing and the house rule( cox this gonna be our home for the three weeks of production! ><) after which the top 10 teams went back to their respective tents. Soon after, our instructor, Mr Xavier gave us the instructions and taught us the basic of using photoshop, it’s time for us to start work!!!Basically,the first week we were just getting use to photoshop.

 Last day of Week 1 woohoo

Last day of Week 1 woohoo

Hmm.. its been so long since you guys heard from us. Are you curious of what kind medium we are using?

We are using praxinoscope as our medium as our animation focuses a lot on reflection. The praxinoscope’s mirror will be the reflective part. (of course) Our animation has a combination of digital 2D animation and live action and the idea was actually a collaboration between us (we contributed the seed idea) and all of the instructors.
(Fun fact: The trophies for N.E.mation! are praxinoscopes! :D)


With our ambassador, Mr Kaviel

With our ambassador, Mr Kaviel

Well we didn’t work the whole entire time during week 1 😀 we actually bought cupcakes for our instructors, Mr Xavier, Miss Lois and Miss Elaine ❤ to thank them for their hard work. we had fun with them while working so the experience of animating is not that painful 😀

Yup, I have summarised our experience in week 1 of production! 😀 I hope you enjoy it.
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Thank You! Stay tune to our next blog post. Byee~

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