Trip To SAFRA Radio: Duck Duck Glucose

“We are Duck Duck Glucose from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School!”


Jing Wen reading out the poem we prepared!

It was not easy to repeat this line several times to make it sound happier, louder and more enthusiastic. We went to record a short 15 seconds message in both English and Chinese, but it took way more than 15 seconds to do so!

We recorded in Chinese first, and we had to go through trials and overcome obstacles try reading out the sentences in Chinese to the DJ and she chose who spoke the most radio-worthy out of all of us (minus Haziqah, of course). I (Samantha), was chosen in the end although my braces affected my pronunciation a lot. We finished recording and we started working on our English script.


They had to lower our mic (shown on right) for us because we were… way too short

At first, we made a lot of puns references to our video, but we found out that it was 10 seconds too long. We then decided to shorten it and we even turned it into a poem! All 4 of us came up with the poem within 10 minutes and we were ready for recording again 🙂 We finished relatively fast, but we had to go back and re-record it because we made a mistake in the script and it could not be edited out >< Thankfully, we were able to finish recording again successfully this time!


Group picture of all the Cedar teams! 🙂

The recording was a really fun and new experience for all of us and we would like to thank everyone for being patient with us when we made many mistakes and had to edit our scripts. We hope you will be able to hear our beautiful voices on the radio soon! 🙂

We can’t wait for our clip to be shown to all of you, we hope you will like it and we look forward to your support! Do look out for our animation clip which will be released soon and keep and eye out for more blog posts to come!


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