Chapter 22: radio interviews [SPATIUM]

Hey guys! 🙂

It has been so long since I last wrote a blog post that I don’t actually remember how to write one (or how I used to write one)

Yesterday, we went to SAFRA Radio Station for our radio interviews with Jia 88.3FM and Power 98FM (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* We went, as a school, together with BAMM and Duck Vaders, as well as Mr Tham and Mr Chan 🙂 and they were all graced with Deng’s beautiful singing on the way there and back.

I don’t really remember how, but somehow we got to the part where we were all making puns with each others’ names. By ‘we’, it means pretty much only the four of us and the teachers. (why do you guys pick on us we cry) Anyway, they were saying how Deng’s name sounded like ‘灯’ which means light, and Mr Chan said that Deng was ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. Now, I shall list a few jokes that happened yesterday:

  • What do you call Mr Tham when he does chores without having someone to tell him to do so?
    OTTOmatic :’)

(also I am quite sure Mr Tham pointed at the bus door and said ‘otto door’ (auto door) at some point yesterday)

  • Where is Mr Tham’s favourite place to travel?
  • What are Mr Tham’s favourite channels on TV? (okay this one is on our instagram too)
    OTTO (okto) and vasanTHAM

On the way back, someone mentioned an old joke about my name. Okay, so my name is Chunran, so if you split the 2 words up, you get Chun and Ran (pronounced as ‘run’). Do you get it yet? You know what, I should give examples of how you can make lame jokes: Chun Jumped, Chun Studied, Chun walked, etc.

Okay, this whole blog post is becoming lame jokes, and I am really going off topic 😛 If you are interested to find out more, leave a comment and we may just dedicate a blog post to puns of our names hahaha

As I was saying, we went to SAFRA Radio Station, and it was really cool to see the recording studio with the professional microphones and recording booth. Although this was our third radio interview, we have never been to a recording studio before 😛

Full St Nicks photo!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Full St Nicks photo!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

We did the chinese interview first, and it was with DJ Lina, who also interviewed us during Open House (which is like ages ago) We initially wrote a 1 minute long script, but they helped us shorten it to 15 seconds to fit the air time. We said the introduction and the ending together, while I represented my group in saying the one sentence description of our video. :’-) Did you know DJ Lina remembers interviewing us? and that I was the one talking the most for the previous Chinese interview too? (<– I call this perks of being the leader hahaha just kidding there are no perks of being the leader) Honestly, I still cannot believe that she remembered us though :O

At the start of the recording, we had to say “我们是圣尼格拉女校的Spatium!” in sync. We have tried this before, in our previous interviews and pitches, but we never managed to do the ‘in sync’ part. There is a first time fore everything, right? WE DID MANAGE TO SAY IT IN SYNC!!!! Sure, it took a few tries, but at least we got it in the end! :’-)))))

Recording for Jia 88.3FM :)

Recording for Jia 88.3FM 🙂

After that, Su and I worked on shortening the english script. Well, mainly Su, I’m not good at this heheh. Through that activity, we realised that it is really hard to explain the plot of our clip in 15 seconds. It is just too complicated, why did we come up with a story so hard to explain again?

It took us quite a while, but we got it in the end 🙂 It did not really sum up/describe the story perfectly, but you will know what our clip is about after you watched our clip (and hopefully share it with all of your friends and family and get them to vote for us too), right? Su was our representative for this interview as she is good at speaking and she is from LD (they are unbelievable)

Su recording our English elevator pitch for Power 98FM (´▽`)

Su recording our English elevator pitch for Power 98FM (´▽`)

Our recordings will be played throughout the voting period which is from 24 January to 14 February so do tune in to Jia 88.3FM or Power 98FM to look out, I mean listen out, for us!! (ˆ▽ˆ)/  (also don’t forget to check out our clip and vote for us during that period hahhahaha)

Gratitude moments of the day: (a little late, all these stuff happened yesterday haha)
1. Thank you to all our teachers-in-charge, Mr Chan, Mr Tham and Mr K, for arranging transport for us and accompanying us there 🙂
2. Thank you Mr Chan and Mr Tham for putting up with our lame puns although you guys probably came up with more puns than us
3. Thank you BAMM and Vaders for being such fun people to be around and putting up with our (Deng’s) singing and I missed you guys so it is really good to see you guys again? 😛

That’s all for now! 🙂 We will be back soon with more posts and I really do mean soon this time 😛 (sorry that the previous ‘soon’s was not soon enough)

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