DV: Time to take out the dusty ol’ rap!

Hey Hey Hey!!!

How’s lyfe? (when you spell lyfe the hipster way)

We dropped by SAFRA Radio Station for a quick interview/recording session on Thursday, and we are here to share our experiences!!

The whole thing actually happened really fast, honestly. It was a 15-second recording for both Chinese and English each, and it was really cool!

We got to enter a recording studio and everything, and we got to meet various DJs from Power 98 and 家883!



They had their whole equipment-slash-cool technology-radio chikalabong-thingamadoodles(as you can tell, we didn’t really get all that equipment. Obviously.), and it was really professional and JUST SO COOL (talk about needing to brush up our vocabulary skills. Cool Word Count: 3 and counting)!!

OHMA FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. That is a turntable!! (we think.)

OHMA FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. That is a turntable!! (we think.)

Get ready to hear our recordings on the 24th of Jan on either of the stations mentioned above! We have a little sneak peek-preview of our rap “soundtrack” (if you can call it that).

Thanks so much to Power 98 and 家883 for having us down at your stations! To everyone that made this possible, thanks so much! For guiding us and teaching us what to say, and for giving us such an amazing opportunity! IT WAS SO COOL COOL COOL ( Cool Word count: Lost count.)!!

Ugh oh the woes of bad lighting.

Ugh oh the woes of bad lighting.


^That previous paragraph really sounded like those “spontaneous-on the spot-unprepared” speeches award winners say. Lol.

That’s it for today! Stay tuned to find out more! Thanks for reading (sudden realization that this has never been said before. Thank you, though, for reading.)!!

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– Duck Vaders

P.S. Anybody realized this is our shortest post. And it’s nearly 280 words long. Man, we are long-winded people.

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