SAFRA Radio AND IT IS A Week to Downtown Picnic

Heyyyy guyysss!!

It has been a year since we wrote on the blog  (if you know what I mean :D)


Anyway guys, I know it’s very late, but anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wish you all the best for the year!  (Note: Please don’t kill me for saying this after going through the 15th day)

Anyway, we went to the SAFRA Radio Station for an interview on Wednesday.


SAFRA Radio Station (Thanks Mr.James!)

There are only two people who are able to speak Chinese, but we handed it over to Shao Jun in the end because Zhi Xiang was quite shy. It’s hard to make a happier and louder tone especially when you had to squeeze it in five seconds. So it took him quite a while to get the script right with the right tone and volume. He had to repeat the lines for quite number of times.

While Shao Jun was practising his Chinese script, Lufti had to practise his English script, who looked like having the same problem as Shao Jun’s.

Fortunately, one of the DJ there, helped us to make a script as the one by asking Lufti to explain to him what our script is about and let Lufti wrote it back on his phone and finally Lufti was able to have a script for him to read. Thanks to him!

Just like Shao Jun, Lufti, too, had to record 15 seconds message of the English version. Lufti didn’t have as much problem as Shao Jun on squeezing the message of our ideas, into 15 seconds.

However, it took him quite a while to get the right “commentator’s voice” (you know our video is about a soccer match right?). Sometimes both of them burst into laughter before they started to record because of their nervousness. They seem to enjoy and having fun with it, though!


Shao Jun was practising his lines

Anyway (I say this a lot, I know), the recording session was a new experience for us. Our recordings will be played from 24th January to 14th February. We can’t wait to show you guys our clip!

Thank you Power 98 FM and 883 FM for letting us down to your stations and being patient to us for making a lot of mistakes in the recording!

So guysss, who else besides us are excited to see our final product during the Downtown Picnic? ><

Stay tuned to find out more!

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