DV: Off The Deep End

Hello my earthlings.

Welcome…to the duck side. *epic, deep, scary voice*

HELLO SO NICE TO MEET YOU! COME ON IN, COME ON IN! There’s cookies on the counter, and please, do make yourselves comfortable because we have a post to share! So go ahead and take a sit while we prepare a nice glass of iced tea.

“Of course, a revenge plan was in order…”

We were GENIUSES (note: sarcasm) and came up with a genius plan: hide HIS jacket.

Yeah, we weren’t very original at the time, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

We took it and hid it in one of the unused boxes in our tent, and left it there in the dark. Alone.

For nearly 3 hours, that is.

The best part? Mr Nik didn’t even realize we took his jacket cos he brought two! So he just thought that he had misplaced the one we hid and used the other one he brought, just, you know, oh-so-casual.

MAJOR FAIL on our part, because we were so…subtle in our hunting ways.

DV: “Mr Nik, Mr Nik, don’t you feel cold? We feel a sudden draft. Brrrrrr, better wear our jackets. *casually fans Mr Nik* Hey Mr Nik, can’t you feel that draft? Man, isn’t it cold in here?”

Mr Nik: “…”

DV: “MR NIK! It really is cold in here! You should wear your jacket, so you won’t catch a cold. Wow, talk about that SUDDEN WIND! Man is it cold *puts on all our jackets simultaneously*”

Mr Nik: “….”

DV: “….”

Mr Nik: “….sighs. What is it now?”

DV: *awkward smiles, *discreetly* looks at box with jacket hidden inside it”

Mr Nik: “aiyooooo, y’all so 无聊 (wuliao = lame for those who don’t speak French) leh. Where did you hide it huh?”


Mr Nik: “…” <- so chatty, right. Mr Nik is a man of few words.

Mr Nik: “Take it out. Pass it to me. Come on. *shakes head*”

So that was basically how our “prank” revenge plan played out. Probably an 85% fail, but the remaining 15% gets brownie points for effort, right?

More throwbacks coming your way! Check us out! Oh, the amazing quality of a DSLR camera (basically a vvvvvv professional camera, again, for those of you who don’t speak French)

Such beautiful resolution.

Such beautiful resolution.




Well, that’s it for today’s blog post. We’ll see ya in the next one!

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– Duck Vaders

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