Oh hello there!

Nice weather out today, isn’t it? Get a breath of fresh humidity!

Today’s blog post is not going to be a throwback, because we’re pretty sure YOU are tired from reading about so much history. Well, we are tired of writing them.

So today, is going to be something really exciting related to Downtown Picnic!!!!

While everyone has been busy settling down into the new year, Duck Vaders has been hard at work preparing for Downtown Picnic! Today, we stayed back in school to finish up preparation!

Sadly, Christabelle could not join them due to having CCA, but, as they say in showbiz, the show must go on!

We were so busy painting stuff, that we got paint all over us HAHAHAHA. These are symbols of our dedication, I tell you!

Guess what we be painting today!

Guess what we be painting today!

So what was it we were painting? It was our mascot!!! *DUM DUM DUUUUUMMM!* *cue strong piano theme music* If you were really observant in the blog posts, and have been keeping up with our other social medias, you’ll definitely know what we are talking about 😉 all my Instagram darlings, where are you? (Yes it is on mutual agreement we never ever mention “darlings” again.)

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to finish everything today. But there’s still tomorrow so ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST. Not to worry, the great big reveal will be on Sunday @Downtown Picnic (where else.) So if you want to see it firsthand and in full flesh and blood, come on down to join us!

Okay, so technically, it does not have flesh. Nor blood. It’s just pieces of cardboard, really, when you strip it down to the basics. BUT IMAGINATION, PEOPLE. USE IT.

This post is really going to be a more…visual post, shall we say. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words! So, let’s let the pictures do the talking. (Oh, the irony)

Yes, that is paint on Kerrianne's face.

Yes, that is paint on Kerrianne’s face.

Using cardboard = saving the earth (Don't forget your three R's!)

Using cardboard = saving the earth (Don’t forget your three R’s!)

We, of course, have to end off with our countdown! 4 MORE DAYS!! DOWNTOWN PICNIC IS LITERALLY JUST AROUND THE CORNER. So mark it in your calendars, and come down to take a look. National Library Building, the humongous atrium at the ground floor.

Well, that’s it for today’s blog post! See you in the next one!

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– Duck Vaders

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