Video Preview: Duck Duck Glucose

The previous few blog posts were written by Samantha/Haziqah but today I (Jing Wen) will be taking over again! I hope you all miss me 😉

Unfortunately, Cedar’s half day coincidentally fell on the same date as the NEmation preview date. However, we managed to spend the few hours we had in a pro-duck-tive way by designing the props we’ll be using for Sunday’s downtown picnic! We created these props to match our identity as ducks and we hope that they’ll attract more people on Sunday.


Our cardboard duck looks more flattering in real life than in this picture 😦


Samantha painted this hashtag beautifully!


The aftermath of painting for 4 hours

After finishing our masterpieces, we went to NYP to view the completed videos of every group (the true masterpieces). Every group had creative ideas and impressive videos so well done to everyone! I don’t think any of us felt /that/ excited/surprised since it wasn’t too different from the 3 weeks of digital animation that we did. The true sense of surrealism came from watching our final clip on such a large screen as compared to squinting at a much smaller tablet! Watching everyone else’s clips was an eye-opening experience as well.


Here’s a sneak peek of our final video!

The next event we’ll be holding with the public will be the downtown picnic, so do remember to visit us from 1pm-4pm at the National Library Building near Bugis on this Sunday, 24 January. There’ll be attractive prizes to be won if you vote on the spot, and food such as popcorn, candy floss and ice cream will be available as well. Furthermore, celebrity guests Xu Bin and Gavin Teo will be gracing the event so do come along to show your support 🙂 We’ll be revealing the 4 platforms where you can vote for us on Sunday.

Remember to check us out on our social media platforms:

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Instagram: @duckduckglucose

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