Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a very very very very long time since we’ve last written a blog post but time really passes quickly – lot’s of things have changed since we last posted!

Credit: poetrypoem.com

Credit: poetrypoem.com

As we were saying, we’ve done lot’s of things to prepare for tomorrow’s DOWNTOWN PICNIC!!! The group met and created lots of props and flyers for our booth 🙂

I spy our Cedar3 flyer... and Shyn's bag

I spy our Cedar3 flyer… and Shyn’s bag

We also had a preview of our Top10 teams animation clips!!! All the clips were amazing and really impressive! Let us give a moment to thank all the people who have contributed to our clip- our instructors, the camera guys, the editors and also the talents, aka Tanya!!!

Mr James on preview day. Presentation goals

Mr James on preview day. Presentation goals:)

*changes topic*

Guys, guys guys! Tomorrow’s the day!!! Tomorrow is our NEmation Downtown Picnic!!! wooohoooo ! do come down to support team Cedar3 and our hashtag is #NE10C03 – remember it “C-zer0-three” and not “C-O-three”!!

There will be free popcorn and cotton candy and you could stand chances to win attractive prizes in the lucky draw as well! XUBIN AND GAVIN TEO WILL ALSO BE THEREE (give yourself a moment to reflect that there are 3 e’s in THEREE)

Please come and support ussss!!!

Please come and support ussss!!!

Thank you very much for your support and we hope to see you tomorrow at Downtown picnic!!!

VOTE FOR US!!!  Cedar3, #NE10C03

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❤ cedar3 (Gl on behalf of Cedar3)


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