DV: A Recipe for Mental Breakdown


^most possibly the worst way to ever greet somebody. Those in favor of banning it from this universe, say “I”

7.3 billion people: “I.”

“Motion carried.” *bangs gravel <- always wanted to do that.*

So, let’s try again.


Back with another blog post, and today’s one is supppppeeerr exciting!

Today (Friday), was the preview of our NEMation Clips and it was super cool to finally see them!

Now, you can imagine our nerves mixed in with excitement, fear, trepidation, anticipation, a perfect recipe for a physical and mental breakdown.

We walked in, and we were just ready to explode, and literally, when it was our turn, we were holding hands and closing our eyes tight (which is stupid come to think of it cos we are supposed to SEE the clip with our EYES.).

When we heard our rap, we opened our eyes and FINALLY saw our video! It was amazing and cool and ashdhjfkskka. We looked pretty good (if you ask me) ((just kidding)), and our clip was soooo cool! (Overuse of super and cool. Sorry. Too excited to think.) Everyone’s clip was shown in front of the whole team of NEMators, and it’s kind of like that feeling when you are going to receive an award. You stand at the side of the stage, ready to collect your award, and the awardees ahead of you are greeted with LOUD screams and cheers, and you think: Yeah, it doesn’t matter even if nobody cheers for me. I can cheer for myself. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t. At all. Doesn’t matter. PLEASE SOMEONE CHEER FOR ME.

And everyone cheered! Everyone was so supportive of one another, such great attitudes from a bunch of young minds. (No I’m not 47. Yes, I know I’m part of said bunch of young minds.)

All the other clips were A-MAY-ZING too. Everyone’s clip looked really good. To all our fellow NEMators, good job! All that blood, sweat and tears, it was a wonder we made it it of there alive. (Imagine the Hunger Games. Or Mazerunner. NEMation was something like that.)

MOVING ON. DOWNTOWN PICNIC. OHMERGOODNESSGRACIOUSHOLYMOLYHANNAH (Don’t ask. Just don’t.) We have everything prepared for the big day!

I think we were too kiasu and over-prepared. Thanks to all our friends (NE09: Believed Beliefs) for helping us with the stickers! We carry your legacy forward (or try to, in the most orderly fashion possible. Keyword being “try”.)

Oh and we finally finished our mascot/character thingy today! Take a look!



Well, time to wrap up this blog post! We make our grand exit now.

“Everyone, please rise for the exit of the Mighty Duck Vaders.”

*crowd rises*

*side orchestra cues grand march-out music*

See y’all in the next one!

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– Duck Vaders

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