DV: We be mellow today.

HOHOHO (Merry Christmas)!!

New blog post for y’all! Today was a very busy day. For all of us. We rushed homework, prepared tablets for voting, prepared stickers, gifts, everything for Downtown Picnic.

Prep for DT? Check.

Homework? So unchecked I don’t even know where to start.


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! ONE MORE DAY. NO. LESS THAN A DAY. T minus 17 hours (or so. I was never good at math) before the big event!

So today, we wanted to write about something more mellow. Too many exciting blog posts may give you heart palpitations.
(WARNING: Duck Vaders will not be held liable for any casualties, injuries, or deaths caused by reading their blog posts. Should you sue us, we will find you, and we kill you. GENTLE REMINDER, FRIENDS!)

Actually, not much actual writing involved. But you know me and my long-winded-ness (New Word!). I could go on forever.

Throwback #1
We created a little food trail for Mr Nik, cos he was ignoring us (nothing new there) and we were pestering him to come to our tent. So, to “attract” him, we created a food trail for him to follow! Sort of like Hansel and Gretel, but less twisted. (That story was kinda creepy. Scared me as kid, thinking of witches cooking you up for dinner.)

Food Trail!

Food Trail!

Throwback #2:

HAHAHAHAHHAHA. Resemblance Result:

Enough said.

Enough said.

TOMORROW IS DOWNTOWN PICNIC! We’ll keep you guys posted (of course), and to then, we bid you farewell.

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– Duck Vaders

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