Chapter 23: #ne10downtownpicnic [SPATIUM]

Heyyy πŸ™‚

Sorry this is a really late update, but we have been busy. Trust me, secondary 3 life is not as easy as it may seem 😦

So, how’s life? It has been a while, I hope all of you are doing okay :’) Last Sunday, 24 January was downtown picnic ! We were at NLB Building, setting up booths, going for interviews, talking to people, getting votes and showcasing our hard work to the world !!! Speaking of hard work, have you watched our video yet? If you have not, for some reason, watch it now!! And don’t forget to vote for us!! We are c09, just for clarification πŸ˜›

VOTE FOR C09!!!!

VOTE FOR C09!!!!

Downtown picnic was pretty hectic, we had to run a booth and try to attract as many people as possible. After all, more people = more votes ! πŸ˜›

this is our booth :') and yes, we did have a lucky dip box :D

this is our booth :’) and yes, we did have a lucky dip box πŸ˜€

Initially, it was quite difficult to start a conversation with strangers and request for them to watch your animation clip and vote for you, but we got slightly better after practice. However, there was a lot of competition with the other schools all trying to get as much vote as possible as well. Yes, we may be individually team C02, C05 and C09, but at the end of the day we are all #teamStNicks !! ❀ ((and you should vote for all three of us, okay? Okay.))

#TeamStNicks :') :')

#TeamStNicks :’) :’)

We displayed part of our puzzle at our booth and originally intended for people to play with it, but well, no one stopped by long enough to do so. Even the lucky dip, most of the time people would just move on after voting (not that we are complaining) but we did not manage to give them their reward and proper thanks 😦



Ms Kaching was also there, but Mr Nik was not feeling well, so he did not come down for the downtown picnic in the end πŸ˜₯ Our school teachers, Mr K and Mr Tham also came with their families :):):)


We made full use of the instaprint machine available, although we did not have the time to try the gif booth 😦

Gratitude moments (which are written late oops)
1. We are grateful for everyone who came down to support us at the downtown picnic!! We hope you have enjoyed yourself there! πŸ™‚ You guys are great for taking the time to come down!!
2. ELY!!!! Thank you so much for being our ‘fifth member’ and wearing our signboard, walking around, helping us get votes ❀ You have been such wonderful help and even wore your school uniform !! Thank you so much, we could not have gotten many things done without you!! ❀ ❀ ❀
3. Thank you to all our friends (faith and xiangyi esp) for helping our in getting people to come to our booth and giving sweets!! And thank you so much for coming!!
4. A huge thank you to all our family members for all your support, and thank you so much for spreading the message and getting your contacts to vote for us!! ❀
5. We are grateful for Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for making all this possible for us, from giving us guidance in terms of making the clip to helping us edit it!
6. Thank you to all our school teachers, Mr K, Mr Tham and Mr Chan for this opportunity and for all your support and encouragement!! πŸ™‚
7. Not to forget, thank you everyone for actually clapping when we went on stage and not throw rubbish at us and stuff (?)

That is it for now!!ANOTHER NEw blog post coming really really soon so look out for that!!

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