Chapter 24: vote for c09!!!! [SPATIUM]


In case you did not know already, our animation clip is finally out!! Have you watched it yet? You can watch it here if you haven’t already, and if you have, well, watch it again!!!

Okay I assume that you are back from watching our video!! Did you enjoy it? We worked really hard on it so please, at least try to humour us 😛 You know, after ‘talking’ to all of you through blog posts and other social media platforms, I would consider us as friends, hmm?

Friends should really help each other out in times of need 😛 and now is such a time !!! Vote for Spatium on all 4 platforms!! Also, since you need to vote 3 teams for your vote to count, we strongly urge you to vote for C02 and C05, on top of voting for C09! 🙂
Website [once on computer, once on mobile/tablet]
– SMS [ NE10 WEB C2,C5,C9 YourNRIC FullName ]

Finally, we would like to thank you for all your support, without you, we would not have made it this far :’)

We would also like to thank:
1. Our instructors, Mr Nik and Ms Kaching for guiding us and helping us along the way and for editing our clip as well!! We could not have done it without you guys!! ❤
2. Our school teachers, for their encouragement and support, and all the bad puns (the chun-run one needs to stop honestly that is such an old joke i cannot even) Thank you for helping us promote so OTTOmatically :’)
3. Our friends and family, without their support, we could not have come this far :):)

That’s it for today!! GO VOTE FOR SPATIUM #NE10C09 !!!

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Twitter: @___spatium___
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Do check out our previous blog post too!! (❁´▽`❁)



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